Gran Turismo 6: Peugeot 905 Tune

If you asked me to list any 5 cars to put in one garage – road-legal or not – the Peugeot 905 would be one of them.
The 905 was the last great Group C car, and for that it has my respect, among other things, such as its beautiful looks, that make it probably my favourite race car ever.
Its Gran Turismo history has not been quite so checkered though. Wading into the GT4 war with a very broken gearbox, the 905 was actually the slowest of the Group Cs or Prototypes.
Come GT5, this was fixed though and the 905 managed to assert itself well in the pack, despite being somewhat of an oddball – it is the lightest in the class but also the highest revving, packing 6 speeds unlike most other Group Cs but not quite being the fastest despite its incredible P/W ratio.
In GT6 though, it really is one of the fastest. But not just that – it’s also one of the easiest going, making it surely one of the best choices for the late game GT World Championship.
Of course I chose it without really knowing this. I just chose it because I love it the most. Though I tuned the car up for the different tracks in the series and gave it different setups for each, this here is the best general one I have. Obviously it is somewhat loose but that just gives you more freedom to move it about. Enjoy the French speed machine.

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