Gran Turismo 6: Mazda Lantis Tune

If you wonder why the hell this is my first tune, go and check my GT5 ZedTunes page now.
The reason why I came to love the Lantis so much, is because it provides the perfect base for my tuning needs. This simple 176bhp FF can have its 2.0 V6 very easily taken up here to a far more powerful specimen, itself lightened down and it turned into nothing of the FF sort, with all trace of understeer characteristics completely nullified.
That said, turning this now effectively fully-tuned Lantis into a strong tune was surprisingly more difficult than was the case in GT5.
The key turned out to be its turning in on corner exit, as the throttle is being applied. Without setting changes, the Lantis struggled in such situations. But after some radical settings updates, the Lantis becomes a car that you can push very, very hard and very, very fast.
Without any question, this is a car you can drive at maximum speed, without fear of understeer. With care through the corners themselves, this becomes an absolute lunatic of a car at 100%, full out speed. You can feel this tune shine through there.
Oh, and the wing is now placed like a wing. No more plastic holders for this hidden gem, and hidden beauty, of a car.

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