Gran Turismo 5: Suzuki Escudo Tune

Stock model: Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car ’98
Obtained: Used Car Dealership
Drivetrain: 4WD
HP: 1045
Weight: 800
PP: 750
What to buy:
GT Auto:
Overhaul Engine (when applicable)
Restore Body Rigidity (when applicable)
Parts Shop:
High RPM Range Turbo Kit
Aerodynamics: 50/70
Ballast: 0
Position: 0
Power Limiter: 100.0%
Final: 3.803 (this comes first)
Max Speed: 236
1st: 3.037
2nd: 2.088
3rd: 1.574
4th: 1.237
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.829
Front: 8/24/12
Rear: 19/48/27
Front/Rear Torque Distribution: 20/80
Ride Height: -17/-21
Spring Rate: 15.0/12.1
Dampers (Ext.): 8/8
Dampers (Comp.): 8/8
Anti-Roll Bars: 4/6
Camber Angle: 2.7/2.1
Toe Angle: -0.04/0.09
Brake Balance Controller: 5/5
Giving this Escudo this tune turned it from a normal scarester into one of the most extraordinary drives I’d partaken in in GT5.
Built for the 750PP run on Spa, it does that with aplomb. In this, 2:07.514 was the best I got, but if this thing didn’t have the great drive it does, I wouldn’t have made an attempt to get that fast. Indeed, every single lap I made from the first lap I completed was faster and faster and faster. And as you can see, it is very tail happy. Scary at first, but hilarity will ensue afterwards, and this will become one of your greatest acquaintances in GT5.
If you have an Escudo at any point, give it this tune, and don’t regret it. This is one of my finest ever.

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