Gran Turismo 5: Mini Cooper Tune

Stock model: Mini Cooper 1.3i ’98
Obtained: Used Car Dealership or a win in the Mini Challenge A-Spec
Drivetrain: FF
HP: 152
Weight: 652kg
PP: 450
What to buy:
GT Auto:
Overhaul Engine (when necessary)
Restore Body Rigidity (when necessary)
Parts Shop:
Chassis Weight Reduction Stage 3
Window Weight Reduction
Engine Tuning Stage 3
Sports Air Filter
Catalytic Converter: Sports
Sports Exhaust
High RPM Range Turbo Kit
Fully Customisable Transmission
Clutch: Single-Plate
Flywheel: Sports
Fully Customisable LSD
Fully Customisable Suspension
Racing: Hard Tyres
Racing: Soft Tyres (strictly for Autumn Ring Mini only)
Ballast: 0
Position: 0
Power Limiter: 100.0
Use this transmission setup for Trial Mountain and Eifel Kart. Use stock for others. Stock on the other two won’t matter much but this does stop you from constantly hitting the limiter there.
Max Speed: 130
1st: 3.029
2nd: 2.336
3rd: 1.853
4th: 1.518
5th: 1.278
6th: 1.110
Final: 3.110
LSD: 5/5/5
Ride Height: -20/-20
Spring Rate: 12.0/8.0
Dampers (Ext.): 7/7
Dampers (Comp.): 6/6
Anti Roll Bars: 4/4
Camber Angle: 2.0/2.5
Toe Angle: -0.15/0.05
Brake Balance Controller: 8/6
Meet this Mini Cooper of mine. It’ll blow your bloody doors off, for sure.
Originally intended to be another rally replica of the old Mini Cooper S Mk2, it instead became a car that I accidentally managed to get at the exact limit of the Mini Challenge, and so it became a total master of the Seasonal Event.
It showed all the other Minis that it wasn’t meant to bossed about, and won against them all. So, remember, it’s not all about the new boy. Go back to the old days and feel a little bit happy inside. :D

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