Gran Turismo 5: GT by Citroen Race Car Tune

Stock model: GT by Citroen Race Car
Obtained: Dealerships or winning Dream Car Championship B-Spec
Drivetrain: ‘—‘. Whatever that is… :confused:
HP: 630
Weight: 1200kg
PP: 631
What to buy:
GT Auto:
Oil Change
Aerodynamics: 50/75
Ballast: 0
Position: 0
Power Limiter: 100.0%
Max Speed: 205
1st: 4.590
2nd: 3.030
3rd: 2.238
4th: 1.737
5th: 1.409
6th: 1.187
7th: 1.084
Final: 2.923
LSD: 24/28/12
Ride Height: -11/-9
Spring Rate: 15.5/15.5
Dampers (Ext.): 9/7
Dampers (Comp.): 5/6
Anti Roll Bars: 6/6
Camber Angle: 1.9/0.8
Toe Angle: -0.03/0.25
Brake Balance Controller: 2/1
So here is a Citroen GT Race Car that is exactly the same as what it was before this tuneup. Apart from settings, of course. Still…at least it is improved. And improvement is always good. Well…if it’s for your benefit anyway.
This GT is given the thumbs up to being one of the fastest cars in the game already, and with this tune it gets even faster. Very lovely. The screaming exhaust behind you probably will keep you annoyed, as will the 7-speed box and the horror story that is its onboard view, but come on…just look at it!

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