Gran Turismo 5: GT by Citroen Race Car Tune 2

Base model: GT by Citroen Race Car
Obtained: Dealerships or B-Spec Dream Car Championship
Drivetrain: The curse of the ‘—‘ strikes again! Who knows what it will bring this time :boggled:
Power: 603bhp
Weight: 1200kg
PP: 620
What to buy:
GT Auto:
Oil Change
Parts Shop:
Racing: Medium Tyres
…and that’s all.
Ballast: 0
Position: 0
Power Limiter: 95.7%
Max Speed: 205
1st: 4.590
2nd: 3.030
3rd: 2.238
4th: 1.737
5th: 1.409
6th: 1.187
7th: 1.084
Final: 3.872
LSD: 24/28/12
Ride Height: -11/-9
Spring Rate: 15.5/15.5
Dampers (Ext.): 9/7
Dampers (Comp.): 5/6
Anti-Roll Bars: 6/6
Camber Angle: 1.9/0.8
Toe Angle: -0.03/0.25
Brake Balance Controller: 2/1
So this is 7 gears of sheer lunacy right here.
Based off of my first GT by Citroen Race Car tune, which has been acclaimed well, largely because no one else really tunes it. This one is slightly power limited, tuned for Monza, and comes in the default metallic red which was so worth the 5.6 million price tag this thing commands. It really is a true looker of the like you don’t even see on most Italian cars.
Oh – and of course, it’s very fast.
Enjoy. Results may vary. Please take care when using onboard view. The green dials are cool, yes, but they only serve the purpose of distracting you from the road ahead. Not that you could see it in the first place, given how the windscreen is basically parallel to the bonnet as well.

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