Gran Turismo 5: Amuse S2000 Street Version Tune

Stock model: Amuse S2000 Street Version ’04
Obtained: Used Car Dealership
Drivetrain: FR
HP: 329
Weight: 1190kg
PP: 481
What to buy:
GT Auto:
Overhaul Engine (when necessary)
Restore Body Rigidity (when necessary)
Parts Shop:
Sports ECU
Sports Intake Manifold
Racing Air Filter
Sports Exhaust Manifold
Mid RPM Range Turbo Kit
Fully Customisable Transmission
Clutch: Twin-Plate
Flywheel: Semi-Racing
Fully Customisable LSD
Carbon Propeller Shaft
Fully Customisable Suspension
Sports: Soft Tyres
Ballast: 0
Position: 0
Power Limiter: 100.0%
Max Speed: 180
1st: 3.270
2nd: 2.213
3rd: 1.640
4th: 1.264
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.809
Final: 4.440
LSD: 14/36/19
Ride Height: -6/-2
Spring Rate: 7.0/7.2
Dampers (Ext.): 6/6
Dampers (Comp.): 6/6
Anti Roll Bars: 3/3
Camber Angle: 1.9/2.5
Toe Angle: 0.05/0.36
Brake Balance Controller: 7/3
VTEC just got within the correct RPM range and started up, propelling the car to insane heights, yes! (I’m a Mitsu fan. MIVEC just kicked in, yo.)
This is the Amuse S2000 Street Version, and I love it to bits in stock form. But it is somewhat slow next to some other S2ks…so what if I rectified that?
Well, this is the result here. This is almost exactly the same as the S2k Street Version we know and love, just played at double speed. It is a little bit harder to get its bum to kick out with this tune, but it’s still such an easy task. It’s probably harder to breathe than to get this thing sideways, even now. And with the added stability, you can even drive this thing very fast a lot easier now.
Enjoy this superb tune a lot. You will like it, for sure.

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