Vision Gran Turismo

The Vision Gran Turismo project is not yet finished. Makes have pulled out, some are unfinished, a couple are ready to go for GT Sport, but a total of 21 cars have appeared in GT6.
The first few were fairly terrible. The Mercedes VGT was big when it came about and they made a real model of it. And it was OK as a road car. But there was such a big gap between the next one coming about that Mercedes made a racer of its own VGT to fill the gap. And it was awful.
The Bathurst track I first drove it is awful in this game, make no mistake. But a good car can quite evidently counter it. The Mercedes VGT Racing Series is not one of those cars. It was horrible. One of the worst cars I’ve had the misfortune of driving.
But then BMW came out with one and the floodgates finally opened. BMW’s wasn’t that good either. Too jerky to race in. And Mitsubishi’s wasn’t that much cop either, if I’m honest. It was a bizarre car that didn’t live up to its PP. The good thing is you could take it offroad and it was fantastic there.
But then VW came along and made something awfully attractive.
Their GTI roadster is what a supercar crossed with a hatchback would be like. It turned to be really rather good. 4WD and masses of power said it all, really. What sold even more people was the presence of an actual cockpit. Other VGTs had no such thing, but open cockpits always get their due in GT, and they went the extra mile with the GTI Roadster by making it properly work.
So good was the GTI that, much, much later on, they made an actual hatchback out of it.
It turned out to be much the same. Only without the cockpit. Notably, at this point they changed the sound on both cars at this point, from the rather unattractive wheeze of the old one to a high-pitched growl. A lot of high-quality sounds have debuted on VGTs and other cars introduced to the game. This isn’t one of the better one of those, as while it’s probably realistic the sound at its highest point is a bit screechy.
After the first VW there were a batch of VGTs that were all relatively normal. Nissan’s attempt was very fast and the first of numerous ‘R1-button’ boosted (KERS and other things) VGTs, but was a bit boring. Aston’s DP100 had plenty of power but had very little in the way of cornering ability.
Toyota’s Vision Gran Turismo was particularly unusual. It was actually based on another concept which was separate from VGT, the FT-1. Which had already been put into GT6 and might as well have been a VGT anyway. The car itself was even weirder, another KERS-boosted car with a tendency for dreary understeer, and optimistically high gearing.
Then the entire VGT game changed. Because it was Chevrolet’s turn.
Theirs wasn’t a Chevrolet. Instead they brought back the Chaparral name. The 2J I brought up previously was ordinary compared to this. Completely ordinary.
Because what Chevy thought GT6 needed was a 900hp, 450kg car. Powered by a laser.
The result was a ludicrously fast machine that sounded like a silenced sub-machine gun. Cornering was a difficult task in it, but you can get used to it. And once you got on the throttle it zoomed off into the distance. It reminded me, ironically, of the Dodge Concept Car of GT1.
But it did something more important. It turned VGT into a massive competition of ‘who can make the most preposterous concept’.
Sure, there was some normality within. The Infiniti was utterly plain, whilst the Mini was a standard piece of jacked-up mega hatchery and the Lexus was a 90s DTM racer crossed with a Ridge Racer car.
But Mazda came up with another speed freak of a car in the LM55. One of the most infamous cars, it got put on a massive plinth at Goodwood that year. I saw it and everything, I was there. But even by the Le Mans standards it was emulating, it was still largely over-the-top.
Then came Alpine’s super good looking machine. Another car coming with a cockpit, it was actually very magnificent to drive. It came in two forms, a road and race model. And it looked damn nice. It was probably the best of the VGTs but again, was largely mad.
The last two VGTs in GT6 were both up there among the most implausible. Quite apart from the fact the Peugeot VGT has no side visibility, the stats were quite difficult to believe. It looks like a supercar, and it might have had the stats of one had it come about earlier. But Peugeot was leading us to believe that actually, it had the stats and speed of an LMP. I can’t believe this thing could be so light. But at least it’s a decent drive.
Then finally, for GT6, came some of the three maddest cars to hit any racing game ever.
It is entirely possible that, before Chevrolet released the Chaparral 2X, that the SRT Tomahawk was meant to be no more than a radical looking supercar concept. But then SRT saw the 2X and thought they had to beat it. This is the result.
The S model, supposedly an effective ‘road car’, is at least barely within reality’s grasp. Again, the weight is difficult to believe, but hey. It has the speed of a very highly powered race car with the pneumatics (which is what the R1 button powers) active, but the fact it can corner faster than most race cars on Sports: Medium tyres does point to a sign of relative madness.
The GTS-R, the racing model, is the most implausibly light Dodge since GT1’s concept car. Fast as an X car down the straights with pneumatics, it is, unbelievably, relatively average as the middle child in the series.
This is because the simply ludicrous X model beats it down. This is very possibly the fastest car in the game.
Faster than you can think with the pneumatics down, it also corners at undiminished speed as all the aero bits move about like dervishes. It is almost uncontrollable for all but the very best players. And yet it’s still the fastest around no matter who is driving it. If someone matches it in VGT’s history, god only knows what the concept will be.
And yet whilst it is going on there is still a chance. Because two more ludicrous VGTs which are coming in GT Sport have since been announced. Bugatti’s has proven to be very much a prequel to the Chiron road car, and is now left looking like a Chiron race car. It should be suitably fast. And Hyundai have come up with what they say is a racing prototype…apart from how mad it looks, and the fact it’s powered by hydrogen. Which is awesome, but it’s a far cry away from the 7-year warranty reality of the company. I was half expecting their VGT to be a new type of warranty. Possibly one that lasts till the end of time.
And there are, it can be guessed, more to come. 11 more manufacturers are still down, and while we don’t have pictures of all of them, each one of them has the chance to make something insane.
  • Audi doesn’t have a pic yet, but it’ll probably be something insanely TDI powered.
  • God knows what something like Daihatsu will come up with. A kei car on crack probably.
  • Ford’s picture hints at some very good looking lightweight. Though the way their fellow Americans have gone they’ll probably try to claim it’s actually lighter than air.
  • GM will probably design something preposterous to counter the Tomahawk which has beaten their colleagues at Chevrolet now.
  • Honda’s looks like being the only comparatively normal one now. Good on them.
  • Italdesign have something grand-tourer-ish in the wings. But being only a design studio they’ll find a way to make it more interesting than is appropriate somehow.
  • Lamborghini…well, knowing them as we do, what they’ll do is anybody’s guess.
  • Zagato’s picture could hint at just about anything.
  • Tesla probably has the biggest chance at making something more deranged than all the other VGTs. Knowing Elon Musk he’ll probably make one that, I dunno, can drive on the moon stages.
The last two are the ones I’m most interested in, and which will probably take the prize; Nike, and…Michael Jordan.
If you don’t know, Nike actually are no strangers to making concepts. I said the GT by Citroen predated the VGTs but it is not the first such thing. Because that actually lies with GT4’s Nike One, a preposterous machine.
The facts behind it are so mad I’ll let them speak for themselves.
[quote]In the video game, this vehicle resembles a “Sci-Fi” buggy with a maximum speed of 230 miles per hour (370 km/h) and an eight-gear automatic transmission. However, the top speed of 230 miles per hour can only be achieved by drivers in their physical peak (those who exercise between 60 minutes and 120 minutes per day). The fictional timeline of this vehicle would see its origins in the year 2022 with the invention of a wearable generator by the Nike Sport Research Lab.[/quote]
And now Nike are coming back with the sequel. The picture in the game makes it clear enough by its resemblance to the One but the original VGT trailer flat out said it.
Lastly, there’s Michael Jordan. Enough said. This is the only picture of it from the trailer.
I’ll leave you to think just what the six-time NBA champion could come up with.

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