Gran Turismo 6: Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover is awesome. They have some fine cars on sale in the modern age. Well, mostly fine anyway. The Defender is unbeatable and unshakable off-road…but the bullshit Euro emissions regulations are taking it out of its very long standing service soon. The Discovery is a pretty fine SUV…but is ousted by the real daddy of the marque, the Range Rover.
Which has been given a new model which, while still one of the top luxuries of all time, has become increasingly chintzy as more footballers buy it and do all the wrong things to it. Which leaves us with the Range Rover Sport, which was, in its old form, slightly hopeless…but the newest model is a fine machine, a faster yet still rather luxury form of the Range Rover. But somehow…that Sport name is a bit unerring.
Oh, and the Freelander. Which is rather confusing among the rest. But is at least better than some other cars of its type…(Audi and BMW)
That leaves us with the smallest of the models, the Range Rover Evoque.
This one was quite a divider when it was first announced. Land Rover is very good at avoiding the pitfall of one model being simply a cheaper edition of the bigger model – i.e., Boxster/Cayman -> 911 in the case of Porsche. The Range Rover Sport was always more preferred over the Range Rover, if you were a drug dealer. The Freelander was the better choice for murderers, and the Discovery the one for the mums.
But people said the Evoque wouldn’t be able to provide anything that one of the other models didn’t already provide. Then they saw the name of one person being drafted in as a designer – Victoria Beckham…
Good suspension model showcase here.
The Beckham’s popularity, while past its peak, was still high. But even so…designing a car? How wrong would this go, we all said?
It didn’t. The Evoque turned out to be a masterpiece.
Many plaudits were received for retaining the claimed and famed Land Rover off-road ability – and in all conceivable conditions as well. And it still retained their luxury as well. But arguably what split it most and gave it a place in Land Rover’s lineup was its looks.
Available in a coupe or 4-door, the looks of either proved to be absolutely superb. Add that to a variety of available engines, and the Evoque remains a storming hit in the car world today.
That said though, Land Rover did not have a particularly coveted history in Gran Turismo…if that’s the right term.
Indeed, the one car ever to feature from the lineup of Land Rovers was never in the lineup to begin with. Instead, the concept Range Stormer was shooed in for GT4, and while in GT5 it did prove to be surprisingly competent, not only was it not a justifiable representation of Land Rover, but it proved to be one of the heaviest cars in the game which, surprise surprise, gave it a rather awful representation as a troll car in GT5.
But PD have done them some justice by finally going and putting in the Evoque. So obviously, it needed a test off-road – where it was partly built for in truth.
And off-road, it is a very solid car.
237bhp may not seem like enough, and compared to some others of its ilk in this game it is rather underwhelming. But it still drives finely, and at 1640kg is heavy, but not as much as you would possibly even think.
So, it does fine in its designated environment, and even looks rather good while you do it. As an added bonus, each colour option comes with the option of having a black roof – an option I took with the white paint. I think it does look better with it.
In-game though, it does cost some 60,000 Cr. In the more collapsed environment of money in GT6 (at present at least), that does make it rather expensive. And the weight might be a bit of a hold-back on the road itself. But it’s a strong car none the less. Good for pictures.
I’m not sure one of the girls I know would care to design a car quite like this personally. Good job, Mrs Beckham.

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