Gran Turismo 6: Jaguar XKR-S

I actually hold the opinion that Jaguar is the best car maker today. Although as time goes on that opinion is starting to lose credibility.
The XK was what started it. It was a brilliant return to form as a grand tourer that put the X and S Types behind it. The R version went out and improved that further still. It is starting to get old now though.
The current XJ is, in my mind, my ‘perfect car’ in terms of luxury. More specifically, the 5.0 V8 SS version. The way it is so powerful yet so luxury is purely awesome. They’ve even gone and made an XJR with more power, and although luxury might be less, it’s still there alright. It is starting to get old now though.
Then you have the XF, which on paper is the least spectacular. But actually, it is the most mainstream Jaguar in the way it has to fight the big executive car from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. And it faces them off perfectly. The XFR also proved to be a superb car. But unlike the XJ and XK, it isn’t getting quite as old because of the new Sportbrake estate which has breathed some new life into it. On the face of it though, it is starting to get old now though.
That leaves us with the F-Type. Which, in V8S form, is simply brilliant. I have in my mind, my partner in the future driving one, and us in a sunny place with the top down driving together romantically. Except the top might not be down because the F-Type Coupe has been announced, and the V8R version will have 542bhp. So I think that one might be the one I take. And since it only came out this year it won’t be getting old for a long time yet.
So when choosing one new Jaguar for Gran Turismo 6, it was a no-brainer really, wasn’t it?
And so, with that in mind, let’s have a look at the new Jaguar XKR-S.
We already had 3 current model XKs. The XK with a stock V8. The XKR. But we didn’t need this version.
In fact, since GT4, a new XK has been introduced everytime. GT2 and 3 had the old XKR, then GT4 introduced the R Performance model. The base V8 XK came about in GT5P even, before the XKR and now this was added.
The XKR-S GT will probably be in GT7 at this rate. But no F-Type.
Still though, it is a Jag, so it should be still storming to drive here, right?
Except this XKR-S has not got the best reputation in the real world. It rather attempted to reignite the now 5-year old XK – but it didn’t really work. Chiefly because there had already been an XKR-S. That was much more limited though. Still, there wasn’t enough in it and therefore the reception was not too good.
But what about in GT6 terms? Well here, it is not bad at all.
Certainly it is a fine car when you are trying to set the fastest lap time. It manages to stay very planted with little interruption in between. So in that respect you are fine, and that immediately puts it in the good books.
Sliding is slightly more tricky. You do have to will it, but not a stupid amount. It also can have some difficulty in the slide itself, but for the most part it is fine there. The 1810kg weight is what mostly holds it back but either way, you can still do your stuff in the XKR-S.
With the sound, I’m not so sure. It is different to the XKR soundtrack, sounding more realistic, closer to a V8, and certainly very grumbly, which is nice. But actually, as a sound, I prefer the old XKR sound more. It sounded more angry and characterful.
The XKR-S, as an XK, looks as good as ever, although as a convertible it would look better in my mind. The front end looks imposing, but the back end looks quiet, a good technique to mask the 542bhp V8 inside. The signature blue paint job it comes in is actually probably best, but I wanted more of an XK colour here – not an ‘RS’ colour. So I went with a light gray.
A price of 175,000 Cr. is high but probably realistic given the XKR-S and its ambitions. It drives at about the price you paid for it, and that is all good and fine.
So while the XKR-S may indeed be the wrong Jaguar, it still provides a good drive in Gran Turismo 6 and should be a good purchase should you choose it.
I now await a V8S F-Type in my next DLC pack. And a V8R Coupe while you’re at it.

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