Gran Turismo 6: Honda Fit RS

Before reading the other reviews, why not try the Honda FIT RS ’10?
The best starter car in the game! Because it’s the only one.
The path of Gran Turismo’s career mode has been well set since number 1. And it hasn’t changed since then.
You start with a small number of credits which you are most advised to spend on the fastest car available at the time. That often meant drafting through the used car section, apart from GT3. The choice was surprisingly nice and varied, even if there were a few dominant starter cars that came to mind as the best and most common choices.
In GT1, for me, it was above all else, the Toyota MA70 Supra. Not even its FR drivetrain, something of a warning sign back then, stopped it from being easily the best value for money car at the start of the game. Never mind the fact it was a lard arse, it had the potential to carry you through almost every event in the game (you’d have to push on some though. And much better stuff came your way anyway…)
Gran Turismo 2 though, was rather different. Because of some pretty counter-productive HP limits, you had to think about which event to do first before proceeding ahead with your first buy. And the choice was maddening. The used dealer contained it all, from kei cars to 80s classic to the prototypical used 90s sports cars. Even the MA70 from previously was an option.
On balance, I think the 1986 Toyota MR2 was the best to choose there. But I probably liked the Mitsubishi FTO GR the most because of its beautiful soundbyte. I don’t recall if the Mazda Lantis was available at that point, nor the completely brilliant Mazda Familia GT-R or Nissan Pulsar GTi-R. But they were both brilliant cars regardless.
GT3 shook it up by removing the used dealer outright in spite of the fact it had a reduced car list. So the Daihatsu Cuore came out on top of that. But overall the lack of opening car choice made the beginning of GT3 rather boring. Thank god there was plenty to keep one entertained after that…
Gran Turismo 4, though not as diverse as Gran Turismo 2, brought back the GT2 feel of the first car by adding a varied choice of used cars to pick for your first – but also more license prizes to ease the process. Indeed, the Pontiac Sunfire would be an often chosen car for the eventual Capri Rally (Easy) race that gave you some very easy credits indeed via the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car.
But if you didn’t do that, there were still options aplenty. One for instance being the original Lancer Evo, available on Day 1 and only just within budget but still more than fast enough for the beginning of the game. However a better value for money choice was the Honda Civic SiR-II – which was also one of the best choices from even GT1. It provided a substitute for the aforementioned Sunfire, doing the same job with similar ability.
Or you could just be really boring, and in all the games buy an NA. You unoriginal fuckers.
Gran Turismo 5 added a rather new dimension to the start of the game with its pre-order bonuses that shattered the start of the game completely. I took advantage of these, so don’t really know what starting car was truly best. But on balance of the events, the Toyota Vitz, Civic Type R (my choice) or NA, again, were the best choices. But the reduced UCD reduced the choice with it.
So with GT6 removing the UCD, giving you 20,000 Cr. to start with all these cars available…it was everything GT3 would be in an ideal world. The massive choice, the variation, it was to be madness. Even further pre-order bonuses wouldn’t deter that. And then-
“Why not try the Honda FIT RS ’10?”
…Sorry? …Were you not supposed to be sponsored by Nissan, PD?
So yes. There is no first car choice here. You have to take the Fit, or as we call it here in the real world, the Jazz. Jazzy it is not, though it doesn’t look that bad. Or the face doesn’t at any rate.
Except there’s a better looking car that would have cost 800 Cr. less. The Mazda Demio Sport, or as it’s known by proper people, the Mazda2.
I haven’t driven the Mazda2 stock yet. I tuned mine as soon as I bought it. So I can’t really compare it driving-wise to the Fit. But I’m not sure it’ll have too hard a time beating it.
Now the Fit didn’t feel too bad in the first races of GT6 which I did in it. But here on Suzuka East it was not so good.
The understeer through the first corner was sometimes difficult to fight. And the tyres wailed like banshees through the esses. Every single time, through each one of them.
The car rolls about consistently, and doesn’t feel in balance. The speed seems rather decent for its class though. But that’s not much use without proper handling I’m afraid.
The decision to fix this as the only starter car available was not a good one in my eyes. It sticks with the GT feel for sure, but it also doesn’t. This is the type of car you should realistically start with, but it’s your only choice. And having the choice of previous games removed does not bode well. It’s a move designed to fit casuals. And no, I will not complain about that, but even then it wasn’t a necessary move.
Indeed, with the 20,000 Cr. you should be able to spend on anything else, looking at the cars available for that money, there are some properly good options.
One of those is my beloved Mazda Lantis, which would not only crush the first part of the game, but also handily beat events after that. And that has the best driving ability of any FF I’ve encountered, so never mind the fact you’d only have 80 Cr. left, don’t even think you can go wrong with that.
There’s even stuff like the Toyota MR-S for the anti-FF crowd. But then you also have cars like the Yaris RS Turbo, FTO GR (!), a Silvia K’s S13, the CR-X del sol, the AE86 and numerous NAs that outshine the Fit RS. It’s a silly choice for the one starter car really. Screw the Premium factor too, because even the Mazda2, as said, beats it and that’s new and Premium too.
And since selling it won’t give you the money for any of those cars either, there is only one course of action. Tell PD to get rid of it. Then when they do, buy a Lantis.

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