Gran Turismo 6: Chevrolet Corvette C7

Don’t worry. It won’t be in the wall this often
So. This is the cover star of the Gran Turismo series for this installment. And given the situation, it’s not a bad choice.
Every Gran Turismo game has had its defining cars, whether it’s implied in the game or whether it’s just through folklore.
Gran Turismo 1 left its cover car in a sea of mystery. Though I still hold the belief that it’s a Camaro. Which would really mean that PD have gone full circle.
But the car in-game that its players came to know and love was the Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo, in all of its 950bhp+ ability and speed. Only GT3 has gone further since, but if GT6’s tuning values are anything to go by, the values of even GT3 could be smashed.
Gran Turismo 2 could arguably have the Honda S2000 as its flagship car on PD’s side – what with its position in the car world at the time of its release. Indeed the way the S2000 always beat everything I drove against it seemed biased. The little fucker. (The S2000 GT1 could also be proof of this)
But again, the car we all remember from GT2 is the Escudo. Because it was the fastest thing on the road, bar none.
Strangely though, GT3 seemed to almost retain the two previous flagships. Again the cover car was a mystery, but I’ve always retained that it was the S2K that was on the cover. And again, the Escudo, despite a nerfing in corner speed, was the fan favourite. Though the Formula cars ran it close.
Gran Turismo 4 saw the Ford GT on the cover and two LMs made to celebrate it. But no clear fan favourite was defined – such was the amount of new cars in the game. The FGT and Minolta 88C-V stand out most in my mind though…
Gran Turismo 5’s most memorable – and divisive – car among the fans was easy. The Red Bull X2010. The signature car, though, changed faster than it updated. First it was the SLS AMG seemingly, then it effectively
switched to the 86 series before arriving at this – the new Corvette C7 Stingray.
To be fair, the announcement of the C7 Test Prototype in GT5 wasn’t necessarily a change in focus to the Corvette. It was more an announcement of the GT6 cover car – and so it has proved.
As a Corvette, it should obviously prove to be a handful of a car to drive…right?
Well, in some ways, yes.
The Corvette has the sound of a typical V8 – a lazy snort that could be stronger but doesn’t need to be. It comes from 4 blaring exhausts that make up part of what I think is a beautiful rear end. Many seem to criticise the rear of the car strangely, but I think it looks superb.
But you do have to be rather careful not to wreck it. Because the Corvette does have a tendency to get out of it more than most. What did you expect?
Eiger Nordwand might seem like an odd and unsuitable choice for the Corvette, but it actually handles it superbly. It honestly took the slow hairpins well, in both forms of travel – controlled with enough steering to get through them if you’re being sensible, and superb power and balance to slide madly through them when you aren’t.
Unfortunately, for other parts of the track, this does not hold as true. The long looping hairpin was a trouble for this car the whole review – it simply could not get round it in a drift (see first pic), but it was too squirrelly going through it normally.
In this respect, the Corvette is like the type of naughty schoolchild that actually isn’t that good at sports. At a slower pace it’s fine and can keep its head, but when it picks up it’s all over the place, throwing its chair at the weak geek on the other side of the room and stealing the girl’s pencilcase next to her. And sometimes it gets caught, in trouble, and it’s left with nowhere to go.
But it is by no means a bad car to drive. It shows superb speed, more than its surprisingly low 455bhp would suggest. And of course, it’s a Corvette, so it costs a paltry 51,000 Cr.
So the Corvette is a worthy trademark car for GT6 to go by. I’m sure it’ll be a riot in real life, and it’ll have to be, with it competing against the SRT Viper. It has some quite serious driving flaws in its arsenal, but it’s still a fun car to just fuck around with. If you get it right anyway.
Sadly, as a trademark car, it won’t be a match for the car that hasn’t defined one of the games, but has managed to become a symbol in the series. The Nissan Skyline.

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