Gran Turismo 6: BMW M3 GT2

I don’t care about the BMW M3. Because I’m sorry, but on every account I can see, the M5 has always been so, so much better.
I first heard about the 2005 model of M5. It was one of the first cars I came to truly see as a modern power. I was told about how bloody awful and complicated it was, until you pressed the magic M mode button and turned it into an actual M5. A V10 7-speed nutcase.
And I always thought the F10 looked very fantastic. It’s a superb car. I wouldn’t mind one myself. Especially as I actually won’t be seen as a tailgater.
Surprisingly, very few BMWs have actually truly hit my favourite spot. The BMW M Coupe comes to mind, the mad looking bread van. The M635CSi is supremely underappreciated, and the Z1 was the BMW I actually said I wanted most in Gran Turismo. In all its no door glory. But not much else is there for me.
None of the new BMWs featured excite me. I’m sure the 507 will please some, but it doesn’t for me. I only want the Z4 GT3 in GT300 form, although I’m alright I suppose with the Z8. No matter how shit it actually is.
Then they decided to stick in not one, but two, M3 racers. I see no visible difference between them whatsoever. Just another day at Polyphony Digital…
I decided to give the M3 GT a shot – the newer of the two. And I took to – well, where else? The Nurburgring Nordschleife…One flying lap, with other cars on the track, in the near-darkness. Let’s go…
I immediately pass the typically slow HKS Silvia after a whole 1 turn. Poor thing…
…then I know that, straight away, I’m going to get an idea as to what this M3 is like for real – a twisty section before Hohenrain. And it does it flawlessly, working round the occasional car or two.
This is a trend that continues throughout…up to Schwedenkreuz, the nightmare turn. God knows what the all new, more responsive but more cautious driving line will think of it this time…it says flat, but I back it off with a little bit of brake. I’m fine.
Up and through until Bergwerk, the BMW M3 GT shines again. Super quick reflexes on the Racing Hard tyres, darting perfectly between the never ending bends. The unique sound behind it is refreshing – even if slightly odd, maybe not even that good, it gives a unique feel to this car. A new one. A…GT6 one.
Through Kesselchen and Klostertal, the car manages to match its good impression in the twisties by providing real speed in the fast section and immense cornering speed in the fast bends. A bit shaky through Karussell – a combination of the car blocking me in front and also my driving. Going up now into my worst section – I’m literally quite clueless at this point up until about Pflazgarten. And ahead of me, I see…the old M3 GTR Race Car.
Oh the irony
I now have to try and catch it in this confusing section. I’m shaky throughout, but the M3 GT pulls it off – just as I reach the Pflazgarten and back into freedom again. That was impressive.
I now have two cars ahead of me – a Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car, which is sure to lose out by Dottinger Hohe, and a Nissan Pennzoil Zexel GT-R.
As I speed off, the M3 GT remaining absolutely sublime through the fast twisties, the gruesome twosome comes into view by Pflazgarten 2. I’m now starting to push – which turns out to be a mistake. One that I should have realised sooner – my turn into Schwedenkreuz is messy, but I still have the pair in sight. I go for the move on the GT-R at Karussell II…
…But he gets in the way. I’m put off, and the M3 loses it, and goes round into the left wall.
I take an age to reverse out. I barely keep the old M3 GTR behind me. I now need to charge up – through Galgenkopf, down the Dottinger Hohe. I know that the race is lost – but with a bit of luck, the Delta S4 might be within reach. I see it on the mini-map up ahead. But there won’t be enough time. Damn.
I struggle through Hohenrain and onto the finish line. That was fun…
The BMW was a superb companion on the 13 mile Green Hell. It was damn well composed throughout the entire course – the only feet it put wrong were my own. I suppose that’s why it was the defending champion here, was it not?
And since it’s only available from 350k – a light byte for something of this amazing performance, what are you really waiting for? A great driving, super speedy, new sounding, new BMW M3 GT. It’s a superb racer…

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