Gran Turismo 6: Alfa Romeo MiTo

Who wants a triangle for a mouth?
Only Alfa Romeo could make such a thing work.
I’ve come full circle as a reviewer. The first car I reviewed in my GT5 thread was an Alfa Romeo – the Giulia TZ2, which inspired me to start off reviewing, as what was at the time my favourite car to drive in the game. It didn’t stay that way necessarily – but it remained in about my top 5 for the game easily. Incidentally, the Giulia TZ2 has been renamed in game to the Alfa Romeo…’AR750106′. Yeah, that’s a fucking mouthful. I’m sticking with Giulia TZ2, thank you very much. Not one of their better renames here.
Sadly, the Alfa Romeo I’m reviewing this time is not quite so epic.
Indeed, rather than a classic lightweight racer, we have instead a modern full-on small car here. The MiTo.
The MiTo itself, before launch, was pretty well hyped up. Most Alfa Romeo’s seem to quietly manage that, what with their reputation and often superb looking cars. And the MiTo was alright enough, but still an Alfa in the end – better to look at, worse to drive.
And Alfa didn’t really make much of a hot hatch out of it. The Cloverleaf model was awfully forgettable.
Then they went and rather killed its vibe by putting in the normally brilliant TwinAir engine. Which didn’t work with the MiTo. And so, the MiTo, now even a rather old car by now perhaps, is stuck in the no-man’s-land of small cars.
The model being demonstrated in GT6 is one from 2009 – a turbocharged 153bhp model that was for the most part the most powerful MiTo you could get then. Indeed, 153bhp was probably enough to make it a warm hatch. But then the ‘warm hatch’ is not exactly something I’m particularly comfortable with. Why not go the whole hog with a hot hatch? Some warm hatches even have models that allow you to do just so.
But then in Gran Turismo, anything at any power level can be a ball to drive, given the width and depth of the ‘1200’ (it’s actually about 800 really OK) strong car list. No matter how much you want to criticise it for giving you the Lunar Rover over the E30 M3 you would do unusual things to each night.
And the new physics engine will attest to that. With the way it is designed, it now attempts to make even the small stuff feel a bundle of fun. A task that was difficult to do within GT5, as they just lagged about more than anything else.
The MiTo is not really one of these cars. It suffers from some quite annoying understeer, though it’s more than manageable. But there never really ends up being any life in the driving.
It does look respectable enough, obviously. It’s an Alfa Romeo. What did you expect. Even though it does have a triangular mouth, as aforementioned, it still manages to look like an Alfa Romeo type of small car – rather cutesy and pretty. But even then, there are still better lookers.
I can’t recommend the MiTo particularly. It doesn’t feel fast or lively enough, and it doesn’t solve any problems an FF like itself normally suffers. Therefore, I’d pass on the good looker and take something better to drive. Whatever that might be. I don’t know what it is yet, because as you know, this is my first review in this game.

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