Gran Turismo 5: Volkswagen W12 Nardo

Here you see one of the most sought after cars among collectors. Quite a rarity in the UCD apparently, here we have the Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept, which basically pre-empted the R8, Aventador and Sesto Elemento. Oh, and that other thing known as the Veyron. So…how is this first concept of the practice of supercars for VW?
So, I think we can all say this thing looks good. In this orange, it does anyway. Tried it in black too, and I like it there too. But really, orange it is. So, let’s begin.
With a terrible onboard view. Apparently, seeing as the roof of the W12 is made of glass, the onboard view should also show the roof as see-through. And my god does it not look pretty. It makes for such a distraction and it just looks far too wrong. Stick with one of the other three views. When chase cam is not glitched up.
Another huge disappointment is the sound. You first start off with an excellent low growl…then you get past 6000rpm and the car decides it would rather be a hairdryer. This is a grave disappointment. Driving around in something that would sound like a hairdryer is not good for your social life. Yes, there are vacuum cleaners and nails against chalkboards that do sound worse but really? Really? A hairdryer? Just no. :(
You then see the driving skill of this thing which is really…not brilliant. Despite it having some very good downforce levels that would bring it up to being one of the better road cars in the game. Unfortunately, the drive of this thing would not agree with this theory. It will not slow down under sharp braking, ever, and out of the sharp turn you might have somehow been able to inevitably miss, you have to be so careful with the throttle it’s annoying. If you don’t control it, you end up with heck all wheelspin and, worse yet, a horrible noise coming from your engine, or hairdryer, as it would like to make you believe.
This didn’t stop it from getting a 1:19.2 on TGTT, which is OK. Faster than an Ariel Atom, which is an achievement in itself. But then so is a 458 and that, in this game, is a fair bit slower than the W12.
It’s such a shame that the W12 is so bad to drive in this game, because I liked it a lot in GT4. It could win Like the Wind back then, was the third fastest road car in the game…and maybe, actually was the fastest all around. Given how lousy the Cien was and how wheelspinny the Speed 12 is. But then here, it’s just a lost cause. Really, I can see why you would want such a thing, but it is not worth 1.5 million Cr. Even the looks. There are better cars out there with better looks, I know. Grave, grave disappointment.
But what if you take this thing…on the road? What if you drive it like the average road user?
Well…it’s better. That’s for sure.
The reason for this is because of the sound. If you use an automatic, and keep the engine up and high revving, you’re just going to get the aforementioned hairdryer. But if you keep it low, by using manual…
…it’s awesome.
The thing is, below about 6000rpm, the thing demonstrates an almost Lambo SV style sound. If you keep it below this, you won’t ever have to worry about having a hairdryer in your ears. Technically, you would wanna keep it down to about 4500rpm, which isn’t too hard either. Below that point is where the W12 sounds most magnificent.
Of course, you will have to go slowly because of this, and even despite this, the car will actually understeer in the corners. But still, with the sound you get, I doubt you should care so much. And then, when you see a straight, you can just floor it and forget about the world. You won’t care if the hairdryer in the background is proving to be an annoyance, and even though in a straight line it isn’t as quick as you would have it believe, this is one of the best cars for proper, road-going cruising.
So, the Volkswagen W12 Nardo. Keep it off the track. Keep it on the roads. ‘Tis a bit like the Veyron, really.

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