Gran Turismo 5: Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner ’04
Power: 249bhp
Weight: 1687kg
Price: 24,520 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 7.228 seconds
0-100: 18.130 seconds
¼ mile: 15.644 seconds
1 mile: 38.964 seconds
Max Speed: 142.2mph
Max G-Force: 0.56G
Drivetrain: FR
Possible AI in: Pick-Up Truck Challenge
Toyota’s truck in this game is the second least powerful truck in the game to start with, but also the second lightest in the game by a huge level – some 500kg lighter than its nearest competitor, the Ford SVT Lightning. Of course, the Daihatsu Midget II manages to have a full 8 times less HP but is better off to the tune of approximately 1,100kg in weight.
Toyota’s Tacoma isn’t really the most popular there is, mainly because it isn’t made by any of Chevy, Ford or Dodge. Indeed, the Silverado is faster, the SSR more ridiculous, the F-150 more loved and the Ram more used for trolling. Even the Daihatsu Midget II outdoes this in the bought specs.
But is there any good behind Toyota’s truck at all?
Well, rather than taking it for a drive on the road, we shall instead drive it off of it, despite the FR drivetrain.
And off road, it does a good job at being able to be driven. It is nice and loose, yet still able to be controlled and not a truck that will exactly cause a huge accident and result in some enormous fire.
Also, there is something to note in the event this shows up in, the Pick-Up Truck Challenge. Previously, the trucks were all kept stock, meaning the Silverado absolutely cleaned up, whilst the Tacoma was left to try and fight the Ford while staying ahead of the Dodge and leaving the SSR well behind.
However, since the first version of the event, the specs have now been changed to make the trucks all equal. The event is now based around the Ford, so while that remains stock, the Silverado has been toned down to nothing now, whilst the SSR and Ram can keep up. But it’s the Tacoma that benefits from it the most, with it looking like the fastest of the trucks now in the event.
This comes rather down to the low weight, I find. While power is low, enough to make its PP supposedly identical to the SSR when stock, it has a low enough weight for you to actually be able to get it round corners. Obviously 1687kg by itself is not even slightly light, but for a truck, it’s pretty awesome. I imagine this is probably the easiest of the trucks to use stock, with the possible exception of the Ram with the 4WD and all, but then that has a stupidly high weight. Of course the Midget II does put the Tacoma’s values into touch but it’s clear that the Tacoma is the faster truck.
Personally, between the 6 trucks in this game, your favourite will largely come down to personal feel. If you want your truck to be as quick as possible and make the world explode, get yourself a Silverado (available in the OCD right now). The SSR doesn’t have much use now that you can’t take the roof off like in GT4, but it is still there and it looks…different, I guess, so if you want to not drive a convertible, get yourself an SSR (also available in the OCD as of this review). Obviously, if you are 8, you will have a Ram. If you are a Ford fan, you will take the SVT. But if you just like a good drive, the Tacoma will do you just fine. It has some good looks, drives well even off road and will probably be OK on the road too with its low weight and low power. It’s also a fairly cheap truck too, at just around the 25,000 Cr. mark, and with tuning can be made even lighter and be put to a strong 560bhp.
Of course, if none of those fit you, just get a Midget II. It’ll probably be a great accomplice for you.

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