Gran Turismo 5: Tommy Kaira ZZII

Now it’s time for the perennial favourite supercar here on GTP, the Tommy Kaira ZZII, to take center stage.
The ZZII is undoubtedly one of the most favored supercars here on GTPlanet. Let’s see what it can do in my hands.
And to start off, I’m gonna tell you something everyone on this forum knew already: the performance is epic. The acceleration is blindingly quick, and it will keep on working its way up the gears very quickly. Down Tokyo’s main straight, I got it to hit 180+ mph.
This super-speed performance doesn’t hurt the handling at all though. The car can get through corners rather well. Understeer isn’t noticeable at all, although the problem is sometimes in that case you won’t notice yourself understeering. :lol:
The car also looks very menacing. The front end looks angry, and the swooping shape including the double roof scoop and the touch-looking rear end of the car make it a properly good looker. I’d say it outclasses quite e decent number of other supercars – including Italian ones.
All of the views on the ZZII are very good. The overhead is only slightly blocked by the roof, and the hood view isn’t all that wide. The bumper view tends to actually be best for this though, since it allows you to see the speed of the car and also because there’s nothing blocking your way.
Usability on the ZZII is not short either. The ZZII would make a good car for the Super GT with just a few mods. The Supercar Festival is a clearly obvious choice as well. If you’re pushing your luck, I don’t see how the Dream Car Championship would be impossible either.
Sadly, the ZZII got the generic sound a number of other standards get, which is disappointing. In real life I would expect this thing to sound like a screaming beast, but here it just sounds like a vacuum. Marks down for the ZZII. :tdown:
However, we come to what is easily the biggest selling point of the ZZII – the price (is right). Get ready to LOL yourself to death when you hear these stats.
This 570bhp,
580PP+ machine,
costs 60,000 CR.
…That…is just nothing more than a huge bargain. And to think that an equivalent Enzo costs 1,000,000…it is the ONLY car in the 580PP range with just a 5 figure price tag. Clearly, for such a cheap price, you could almost say the ZZII is cheating. Get it when you can, because it won’t disappoint.
At the end of the day, the ZZII is easily one of the best road cars in the game. The speed of it is epic, the car handles well, it’s very good for many of the events in this game, and in the world of supercars it is cheaper than a bag of marshmallows. If you can find this wonderful thing, get it. It’s speed at the lowest price ever.

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