Gran Turismo 5: Special Stage Route X

Special Stage Route X
So, here we are then at Special Stage Route X ready to go with…
And we are go!!!
Max G-Force: 1.32G :crazy:
0-60: 2.720 seconds :drool:
0-100: 6.297 seconds :tup:
1/4 mile: 10.777 seconds
1 mile: 27.620 seconds. :)
Welcome then to Special Stage Route X, and as you can tell, I love this place.
So anyway, what is this track? Well I’ll tell you what. It’s effing massive, that’s what. 18 miles+ of road, or 30km to those who prefer to be accurate, and a lot of every kind of scenery in the world. Damn is this place awesome.
But for now, I wanna go ahead and do some more testing. So, let’s move on to the…
So, let’s give this speed freak a shot. 3…2…1…
…and we’re away!
That was 1.45G of forward acceleration, by the way. Whoa. :eek:
0-60 in 2.384 seconds! That is remarkable.
0-100 in 4.999! :eek: That is incredible. And possibly quite fatal. In fact, it’s almost definitely fatal. Yup.
And charges onto the 1/4 mile in 9.987 seconds! Another very close shave, and another blitzkrieg time.
And then we hit the the mile marker in 25.867 seconds.
And that, pretty much, goes to show why the HKS CT230R is one of my favourites. Haha! 0-100 in essentially 5 seconds, and a 1/4 mile in 10. Name a car that can do that as effortlessly as that without getting one wrong. And especially with only 615bhp…what a machine. Good job to the pair of you, AdrenaTune and HKS for that. :tup:
But now, one last car I wanna try before we get properly serious. This being…
Yeah…not so fast here. Still…3…2…1…
0.62G. …Stately. :lol:
5.631 seconds to 60. That’s not bad! Given its lack of power.
0-100 in 13.863 seconds.
…followed barely a few metres later by a 1/4 mile time of 14.316 seconds.
…And to complete the run, a time of 35.652 seconds over the mile marker. Not too bad.
Have to say, the Giulia is not that bad given the state it’s in for its PP. 5.6 seconds isn’t terrible for something like it, and I’ll give it that.
I also tested these 3 cars for top speed later on. The FTO STC did a 191.1 mph run, without hitting any limiters or even the redline. Quite an achievement for a stock race car, when you look at most of the others. The CT230R…well, that wasn’t so good. 179.6 was the best that could do, but then, the CT230R is purely geared for acceleration and nothing else. I mean, what else could you do with a 5-speed? Nothing. Exactly. Finally the Giulia TZ2 did a run of 151.8 mph, while hitting the limiter. Still not a bad run for the little boy from Italia.
I could give you more results, but trust me, there’s too many to put down really. And in addition, I will also be adding these collected stats to any main reviews from now on, starting from the next main one you’ll see later.
But for now…let’s wait till the night. And then go and discuss Route X some more.
And here, we have 16 awesome supercars, ready to take you around Route X. Let’s go.
So then, what to say about this 18 mile track of glory? …Scintillating, that’d be a good one. So much to this track and around the scenery that you would never get bored of taking pictures here of almost all kinds.
Oh sure, driving it is simple enough…just drive in a 10000m straight line and then some, then take a massive banked turn and you’re done. However, the fact that this is so straight makes racing a lot of fun here. Like in this one. And at the speeds some cars can reach compared to their normal counterparts, you’ll be amazed, really. These supercars here are notable examples – try them out in Arcade Mode.
But if I may, I wanna get back to the whole scenery of the thing. You start in an underground tunnel where the pit is also situated and a mysterious third route to your right that you can’t get through…but who knows. Only time will tell.
Then you have the massive straight in front of you, 10000m of it, 4000 of which is covered by a massive uphill then downhill bridge – 2000 of it up, 2000 of it down.
Then you get to a set of rockfaces – which I find odd given that most of what you have to your right is the big harbour otherwise. Then you go to the banking where you have nothing but the harbour again.
Then on the other side, look to your left eventually to find a big wind farm there. Then, some 7000m down, you get to a tunnel that will make most cars look awesome if you’re running in the day. Then come out of the tunnel and find yourself next to a ton of satellite dishes – which might as well be laser cannons, used to protect the track from any possible enemy aircraft. Then you go up the banking again, back to the start…and that is Route X.
In terms of tracks, this is easily one of the most useful, for the speed tests, and overall one of the best, for its total beauty. I cannot think of a single part of this track that looks that poor, and the way you can catch cars just speeding around it is great. The old Test Courses may have been hard to beat before, but Route X does it well. Still, makes you wonder if there’s anything more to come afterwards…
…if I do have a criticism, it’s probably something everyone else has noticed – AI corner speed. Usually, they are indeed slower than you, and no, I don’t understand why, either. Really though, I would think it’s better to watch races here rather than do them yourself. Which does mean B-Spec drivers, yes.
But anyway….this race is now just finishing. And my MP4-12C only got third in the end. Damn. It’s hard to win if you come off the banking in first…blocking ten billion things at a time is simply not always possible, I’m afraid. But whatever, I’m done here. Good night.

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