Gran Turismo 5: RUF CTR YellowBird

RUF CTR “Yellow Bird” ’87
Power: 470bhp
Weight: 1150kg
Price: 236,630 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 4.248 seconds
0-100: 8.062 seconds
¼ mile: 12.137 seconds
1 mile: 29.004 seconds
Max Speed: 197.4mph
Max G-Force: 0.72G
Drivetrain: RR
So then, welcome to one of five birds in this game. This one is yellow, like a canary. Problem is, you can paint it. Which begs the question:
I mean, Blackbird is an awesome name – it’s the name of the fastest plane in the world. Bluebird…less so, I mean, you don’t want this thing sharing a name with a Nissan. Purplebird…doesn’t quite work. Pinkbird…what are you doing painting this thing pink?
Enough of that silliness now, because this car is also very silly to drive. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will now, because what I will say is that this is…one of the best drifters in the game. Provided you use throttle control.
This is the least beginner friendly car in the entire of history, with the way this thing slides and tosses and turns and crashes and kills and…whatever. I’m not sure why exactly one would ask for Premium Porsches even now, I mean, surely this is a good enough representation of what one does, no?! :crazy:
This car also made RUF a true name. I quote, from the Forza (!!! :scared:) website:
[QUOTE]In 1987 RUF debuted the iconic RUF CTR, better known as the ‘Yellowbird.’ This limited-edition, 469 horsepower, twin-turbo coupe beat the world speed record for production cars at 212 mph (342 km/h), prompting Road & Track to liken it to ‘mercury on a Teflon skillet.'[/QUOTE]
It didn’t hit 212 in this game, sure, but even so, that is one heck of a description.
Indeed, when this thing does reach a straight line and inevitably stops sliding, it is very fast. The twin turbos give it very good acceleration, and it manages superb 0-100s and 1/4 mile times. 197mph is definitely not slow in any regard either. That being said, on the subject of speed…
Gasp…it’s not sliding!!! :eek:
…we now go back to sliding. …At speed.
On this run of taking photos, I slid at the corner that ends Dottinger Hohe at 181mph. And Schwedenkreuz is literally impossible to get round in it (not that it isn’t bad enough normally) – I slowed down probably 200m in advance, which I usually do in every other car mostly there, but really, fast corners are this thing’s weakness – because you never know what the Yellow Bird will do there, ever.
I do really like this thing a lot though. It really is not as bad as everyone says. And this particular generation of 911 is one of my favourites – better than the newer ones certainly (not that I’m saying stuff like the CTR2 and RGT are bad – they’re both very good). The 911 seems to be better the older it is – perhaps because of how old the design is and how it might well not work today, or something. As much as I consistently read Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on the 911, I do say I certainly do not mind the 911 as a general series of cars.
So then, this is what spurs on the lack of Porsches in this game. This thing is great fun, if nearly impossible to keep on its leash. This ain’t no bird, my friends. It’s more of a Yellow Explosion. And no, you do not have permission to tune it. Unless you make it matte black and handle well with max power. In which case, my friends, you have a BlackBird.
Look at that, it’s even sliding backwards now. Silly little thing.

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