Gran Turismo 5: RKM Motorsports’ Juliet

With tuning a popular activity on the GTP Forums, let’s start off with a tune from the most popular garage here on GTP – RKM Motorsports.
I’ve chosen their Juliet tune – a fully modified Elise tune that proves to destroy other race cars in the game with a smidge more than 250hp and Sports tyres. Amazing really.
So here’s Juliet. Be nice to her…
Obviously as an Elise, she looks pretty good. I always preferred the Elise ’96’s looks, but the 111R’s looks are aggressive and make you want to scream when you see one blitzing past your window despite having half the HP of your sports car…
The body kit however makes her look like a true downright fighter. If Chun-Li had a car, this would be it. Just painted blue generally.
Obviously tuning any car is costly – even though Juliet isn’t an RM’d 111R. Even so, you pay for what you get…
…And what you get is a succubus of a car. :D Anywhere and anywhere Juliet can take on cars twice her power, twice her weight and give them the kiss of death goodbye as she screams past them, leaving that Veyron now behind her stranded in its own overzealous muscle power.
Juliet’s handling though, is seriously crazy. She has responsive handling, but she’s not a total oversteer sucker at all, even despite her MR characteristics. The Elise’s general slipperiness is waved goodbye to by the new custom suspension. And despite having just 253hp, she only has 759kg of herself to haul around, making her acceleration frightening. And when you add in her sound…
She becomes a true devil. Juliet’s racing exhaust sounds ridiculously grunty, and makes her feel like a true weapon. The normal buzzing revving sound of the 111R is the perfect starting point for the high revving terror that Juliet is, and I would never sell her…ever. :(
Of course, the Elise is a seriously popular tuning platform and of course Juliet never has it her own way sometimes. Plenty of other tunes have been released for the Elise, RM’d or not (RKM does another RM tune themselves!) and as much as I don’t want to say it, I feel there could be better things to come from her in the form of other tunes…I haven’t tested them, but surely Juliet’s sheer superbness isn’t the limit to the Elise’s potential. I have my own tune for the Elise 111R I might release soon, but I know it doesn’t top Juliet :p although to be fair mine is based around Sports Hards. :D
At the end of the day, Juliet isn’t probably one of just the best Elise tunes in GTP, but one of the best tunes here at all. Everything just slots into place with her – power, acceleration, handling, looks, sound – it’s all here. Go try her out. Now. I dare you. :mischievous:

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