Gran Turismo 5: Renault 5 Turbo

Renault 5 Turbo ’80
Power: 163bhp
Weight: 970kg
Price: 74,500 Cr.
Prize: No
Drivetrain: MR
Possible AI in: Tous France Championnat, Gran Turismo Rally Beginner
The Renault 5 Turbo was one of the world’s first truly explosive hot hatches. The Golf GTI was the original, but this one moved like lightning, no less because of the mid-mounted engine and the rear wheel drive.
But of course, you’ll know that I drove the rally version of the Renault 5, the Maxi Turbo Rally Car. While this is not exactly a Maxi Turbo, being just a Turbo instead, you’ll know that I found the 5 Maxi Turbo to be completely hopeless at anything that even looked like a corner. Or a straight.
But will this suffer the same fate?
Well, it won’t.
The 5 Turbo is still a little bit slidy, certainly – anything MR or RR would be, even with just 30hp in the case of RR. But it certainly is not difficult to drive, with the light level of overall power giving you good control of the 5 Turbo.
I even think it looks pretty great as well. The overall shape is very cool already, but then the hood has a lovely scoop in the middle, then on the sides you have a huge great TURBO pasted on the side, along with a super-smooth looking set of intakes, and also some fresh looking wheels too.
Another thing to mention are the colours. There are only two of them, but they’re both pretty cool. The blue you can get this thing in, Olympe, is probably the better looking colour, but this red paint is called ‘Grenade’. Pretty cool, pretty badass and all. Though a colour called ‘Grenade’ would be more accurately painted an army green or grey.
The only real question mark with the Renault is the power. There’s not as much of it as you would quite like with this Renault, if I’m honest. There seems like enough but sometimes it doesn’t get down the straights with quite the speed you want it to. Also, the slidiness in the corners means it can be hard to actually take the corners, or get round them with speed.
But even so, this was Renault’s first true crack at a hot hatch and it led them on to many great things. The Renault Clio Williams was truly awesome, and the Renaultsport range has since become the best range of hot hatches today. Granted, the Twingo isn’t too fast, and the Clio is too good for my taste, much like the Volkswagen Up or, actually, the new Ford Focus ST, but the Megane is my favourite hot hatch on sale today, for so many different reasons. I can thank this for being its father.

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