Gran Turismo 5: Red Bull X2010

The X2010. The most love/hate car in the game, for 3 reasons. Its speed, its realism (or lack thereof) and…its realism (or lack thereof). Again. But what do I think of it?
Well, I’m neutral with it. The end.
OK, so maybe I should give a better review of it. And I shall! Starting with the performance.
Except…it doesn’t really need explaining. Everyone knows how fast the X2010 is, whether they’ve seen it online, driven it themselves, watched videos of it…it’s fast, OK?
But anyway: it’s a 1500bhp, 545kg car with literally unreal levels of downforce available to it through its enormous fan on its rear end. And it makes it…quite fast. Really.
Reachable speeds are way over 260mph. The fastest an X2010 can reach when stock is 300mph, or in the case of this S.Vettel, which has a hugely different gear setup, 312mph. That’s what you’d normally get from a car if you were measuring in kmh.
It doesn’t look half bad too. I actually think it looks rather slick, although the wing on the back looks a little stupid. And maybe even pointless. Though if that was the case it would make the X2010 nigh on undriveable, so I can see a reason why that would be done.
Speaking of driveability, the X2010 is…kinda mixed. It is remarkably easy to drive, but remarkably hard to master since it is so fast yet so quick through corners. The thing is though, it’s so fast to begin with that it makes you feel like you can master it – and that just makes you go too fast. It’s sort of like alcohol in a way since it can at times make you feel invincible against corners. And it can sometimes result in quite an effect against your driving ability of other cars. So…
THINK! Don’t overuse the X2010
…Sadly, too many people fall foul of this, and they will overuse it constantly. Online…
I think we all know by now that the X2010 is used so, so much online that it has become the car of choice for the average 10-12 year old who can’t win a race because they are not aware of the ‘brake’ button and therefore need to use the fastest car in the game to win races. They also end up shoving out others as a result, which is annoying…just see for yourself. Explaining really won’t do any good, so see for yourself. Just go to a free run lobby, and there will be at least 1 X2010 out, I kid you not, and chances are he will shove you to death.
The question is though…how can such a poor driver get an X2010 in the first place?
Well, I think that’s obvious. Newer players may have noticed the 1,000,000 Cr. limit on trading which at first was incredibly annoying but has since settled in with players. Before Patch 1.07, it didn’t exist. This therefore allowed every X2010 around to be traded. I will say it now, I have had 5 X2010’s previously gotten before the patch, and while 4 of them aren’t with me now (I still have the Satin Blue one I got), it was a cheap way to get the fastest car in the game. The ability to not be able to trade these now actually feels like a pretty good thing now, but sadly it just came a little too late. Besides which, the permanent borrow glitch has come in and allowed X2010’s free reign again.
Nowadays getting an X2010 is considerably harder. The S.Vettel challenge is the obvious way, being the only way to get the Carbon Prototype that tends to be forgotten among the main two. The normal X2010 with 20 different colours is available from the dealerships after reaching Level 40 for 20,000,000 Cr., which is kinda useless. The S.Vettel is the easiest to get – simply complete the Vettel Challenge, or – and I don’t know why either – reaching Level 35 B-Spec. I have done both of these, and now have two 0 mile S.Vettels in my garage (these photos were actually taken doing the Vettel Challenge). Of course, these are all enormously hard ways to get an X2010 of your own, but they’re doable. And no, I will never allow borrow glitchers. Ever.
So at the end of the day, the X2010 is a very mixed bag indeed. It is very fast, very easy to drive, very hard to drive at its fastest, a very unique experience, a very annoying occurence to see online, a very hard item to get, a very easy item to get if you’re just being a cheat, and in general a very controversial car. PD and Red Bull I feel made a good decision putting it in the game, but it’s a very stupidly used car most of the time. So remember…only use the X2010 in emergencies. Like, if, I dunno, you can’t win a certain event with even an FGT. Which is actually easier to get, still faster than anything else you will race in and crucially needs to be bought anyway. So…get both. Eventually.

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