Gran Turismo 5: Random Shuffle

This testing was done using online mode, in Shuffle Race, with the Shuffle Base set to 460 and the Shuffle Ratio set to 8. Track was London, fastest hot lap wins.
So anyway, I went ahead to the Shuffle Mode…to see what we would get to drive.
The first car was…
A black BMW M3 Coupe.
Power: 422bhp
Weight: 1655kg
Price: 92,400 Cr.
Prize: No
Drivetrain: FR
This would be a good base to kick us off on. I mean, what better to start off with than an M3?!
Around London, the M3 was a pretty good drive. I was able to manage a 1:01.818 on the track with it, and it didn’t fuss about too much. Despite the twisty track, it managed to keep up despite the weight and power. Even with the FR drivetrain it wasn’t much of a handful either. I already reviewed the M3 in some depth in my first Grand Tour (car not track-based), and it did a good job there. You wish it had a bit more power sometimes though. Thankfully the tuning option is always there if you need it.
Same can be said for weight too. It’s probably a little too heavy in cases, so best make it looser and all. This model won’t be used for any GT2-spec replicas any time soon, but there’s plenty to improve on this M3. It’s a super easy base for tuning, and it’s why it has a large excess of tunes on here.
It’s also pretty cheap comparatively for what you can do to it. 92,400 Cr. is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, at the end of the day when you just wanna make the thing go faster.
So we moved on from the M3 to a different car. This time we got…
A Callaway C12, in silver.
Power: 454bhp
Weight: 1480kg
Price: 175,880 Cr.
Prize: No
Drivetrain: FR
So here we have another FR car, but this one is more powerful, lighter, and more expensive. It’s also in the OCD right now, if you want a look.
The C12 is based off of the Vette C5, and you can kinda see it in the car. The   front bubble area for the occupants of the car definitely resembles the C5 a lot still: certainly the front anyway. The rest though, is all a new body.
The gearing is pretty tall overall, which helped reduce wheelspin in the twistier sections of London where I could stay in 2nd. Overall, the car was still a pretty nice one to drive, proving to be a relatively easy drive in the end. This is a good example of an American car that can actually take corners, which is pretty good.
The laptime this managed was a 1:01.782, just barely beating out the M3. You’d expect the results to be closer with the stats of the C12 – yet the gap was certainly very close indeed. Who knows why it was so close: the track, the setup of the Callaway or something else. The C12 underachieved just a little here.
Still, it gives you plenty of power. 454bhp is plenty when stock, and you shouldn’t have to modify this too much ever. The weight is also OK, though you might wanna consider it reducing it some.
The price for one of these is very high, though. To be fair, it does pay off its 175,880 Cr. in most cases, but it is still a lot of money. And considering you’re paying that much more compared to the M3, which is nearly as fast anyway…
But regardless, the C12 is a fine machine. It’s still in the OCD, though I believe as of the writing of this review it’ll be the last day before it gets overwritten by an update. So what are you waiting for??? Get it NOOOOOOOOOOW
But anyway, enough of the Callaway, we now move on to the next car. It is…
A Maserati GranTurismo S ’08, coming at us in chocolate brown
Power: 442bhp
Weight: 1780kg
Price: 166,500 Cr.
Prize: Yes (Supercar Festival A-Spec)
Drivetrain: FR
This will make the perfect comparison to the M3 Coupe. Very similar stats overall, same drivetrain, same number of doors. But which is better?
There’s only one way to find out…
The GranTurismo also felt pretty good to drive, with very little difference between the two in terms of overall drive. Yet, the GranTurismo ended up with a slower time of 1:02.491, which was way off the pace of the other two cars tested at this point. The extra weight might well have taken its toll here.
Overall, the Maserati is probably more than powerful enough for most, but that weight is really a bit of a killer. Get it lowered quickly before it’s too late!!!
The price is also far too high. This isn’t really worth 166,500 Cr. You can win it from the Supercar Festival in A-Spec, but it’s not really enough like the cars you even race in that event and even then it still has its flaws.
That’s not to say it’s a waste – it still looks great and all, but really, you won’t find too much use for the car in GT Mode. Besides which, you can just race it anyway normally in Arcade Mode…
So with the GranTurismo failing to beat out the C12 for top spot, the last car with such a hope will be…
This black Lotus Esprit V8!
Power: 356bhp
Weight: 1380kg
Price: 116,520 Cr.
Prize: No
Drivetrain: MR
Again, this provides a good rival in the Callaway C12. The two are very similar forms of base, so we can match those two up together.
However, the Esprit is far different to anything else here. It has less power, but less weight too. It also has a turbo and is MR to differentiate from everything else here.
I think the Esprit looks really striking overall. The wedge, complete with big spoiler, just looks all around pretty awesome.
The time the Lotus set was a 1:01.7…36. Beating out the C12 and M3 barely, and meaning the top 3 were separated by less than a tenth. The lower weight and power meant an easier drive around a twisty course like London, despite the turbo and the MR drivetrain.
The Esprit is very much low on power compared to these cars, and so is a pretty good bet for extra powering up. Despite the lower weight, I would actually also recommend lowering it, because it just seems to be best for the car. It’s meant to be a sportster, so why not make it go faster?
So the Esprit is the fastest of this lot, albeit not by much.
However, what I loved about this comparison was how even with the mechanics of the shuffle race, the whole thing seemed to all match up.
The M3 and GranTurismo were comparable, as were the C12 and Esprit. We also had Germany, America, Italy and the UK in the event…Also, the Esprit even won on home turf.
All four of these cars are all pretty good in the end. The M3 has a ton of space for tuning up, the C12 is just fast, the Maserati looks good. The Esprit seems to do all of those things well though…I haven’t bought one yet still, but it seems like a very good car for using in GT Mode here. But any of the other three will do you well, I’m sure.

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