Gran Turismo 5: Praiano Tunes’ TVR V8S

We’re at the Nurburgring. And it is raining. Oh dear.
Unfortunately, at this point, there is a car I would also like to test. Thing is, knowing the car I am driving, before the modifications…it’d probably be best if I didn’t.
It’s a TVR V8S, tuned to a 500PP spec on Sports Softs by praiano63. And seeing as you saw a good enough description of him in my review of his Audi quattro and in my awards, I don’t think I need to give an introduction of him. And I call it the ‘Military’ V8S because it is painted in one of the Military DLC paint chips. Which I normally find are best reserved for Volkswagen Schwimmwagens, but so be it if Praiano wants to use it on a British legend.
Meh…knowing him, what harm can this V8S do in the rain? Let’s try it here.
Right, well, after having driven this in the rain I do have to say: I can tell this thing will be awesome in the dry. Because even in this wet weather, the grip you get…is excellent. :tup:
This V8S is remarkably easy to drive. I would take it that a reasonable factor in this is the lesser power on this V8S, or perhaps the lesser weight – which Praiano has wisely chosen not to reduce at all, seeing as it’s light enough anyway. But the grip in the rain…damn is it a surprise. As I said, I would love to see how well this gets on in the dry if this is what it can do in wet weather. I would imagine it to be very brilliant there, too.
It’s also pretty fast in a straight line, to boot. Down the Dottinger Hohe, I could get it to about 175 I think before braking for the last corner – and amazingly, despite the wet weather, I managed to make it down there with no dents or scratches. I can’t even get through that section in most cars this powerful in the dry…and then it started sliding. Brilliant.
And I actually managed to hold it, as well. So what we seem to have here is one of the best multi-purpose weapons of all time.
I would wanna try this thing out at 500PP levels online, for certain, but unfortunately I don’t have a TVR V8S to quite prove how good it may well be. Indeed, this is a borrowed version of the car and so I couldn’t take it online. But I assume online, it would be a match for anything. No Elise or NSX would stand to this thing easily, that’s for sure.
Praiano also has a ton of other 500PP tunes he has released actually, just for your interest. Recently he’s been moving away from giving just crazy all out OTT full mods and moving to set levels. And judging by what he’s done here, it looks like he’s just as good at the set PP mods than he is at full mods.
And as a quick note here, I am not on rain tyres of any sort. This was all done on the Sports Soft tyres this car was built on, because, as the Chaparral 2J proves, supposedly, they work in them. Though I knew that already, seeing as Sports tyres don’t need Intermediate or Rain tyres for themselves.
Granted, the lap I did of the track was not fast. But the car was still a brilliant one to drive and I would definitely consider using this if you’re looking for a 500PP mod.
Another note I wanna mention is I like the sound of the semi-racing exhaust on the car. Yes, it is basically the same as every other V8 sound but still, on the V8S, it does sound fitting. Especially when you look at the actual exhausts themselves, and the car as a whole. Which also reminds me – good job for not changing the looks, Praiano. Makes the whole package look a lot better and cleaner. Though while the car does look OK in Military colours, I’d stick to the Sunset Pearlescent paint for this TVR.
So, are we looking at one of my Tuning Cars of the Year 2012? …Yes. This is a very good car in many aspects, with a good top end, a fun feel and great, superb handling – and that’s only in wet conditions where the car can’t be taken to the max. Who knows what the car could do without a cloud in the sky…I reckon it’d still be brilliant. Bravo, Praiano. You have impressed me, again. :tup:

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