Gran Turismo 5: Opera Performance S2000

Opera Performance S2000 ’04
HP: 275
KG: 930
PP: 485
Price: 125,000 Cr.
0-60: 4.545 seconds
0-100: 10.249 seconds
1/4 mile: 12.991 seconds
1 mile: 32.029 seconds
Max Speed: 172.3 mph
Max G-Force: 0.74G
Welcome then, to the Opera Performance S2000, and what a performance it really is.
This, among tuners, is almost slap-bang in the middle of the lot. It is certainly the fastest that comes on Sports Hard, and with a bit of extra performance, it’d be on Sports Softs. But it doesn’t have extra performance, so Sports Hards it is.
And after driving this, I have to say: Fantastic. Wonderful. Brilliant. Three simple words that describe this S2000.
Unlike the previously tested S2000 R1, this thing will slide and it will slide a lot. It will slide almost, under your command, whenever you want it to. It is a perfect pet for you. And it is a fun, loving and caring one. You’d find it hard to run out of fun with this.
But when you aren’t sliding, the Opera Performance is a huge surprise. 275hp may not seem like a lot, even when you only have to take 930kg with you. But somehow, this thing will do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and the speed never stops surging at almost any point. This is one hugely surprising multi-weapon in one hugely surprising package.
And the sound is good too. It is your simple, smooth, lovely S2000 sound. Not too fussy, but brilliantly buzzy and eccentric. The VTEC in this thing just is flowing wherever…and no, I don’t say VTEC kicks in, as for me, MIVEC just kicks in, yo. ;)
Yet despite all of this brilliant fun to drive, you look at the body and see…the same S2000 you do always. Just with a few extra wedges and a wing. For something like this, you just cannot go wrong.
And you can even get one for free too. Just do the S License and you’re there. It is incredibly easy these days, and if you can’t do them, drop the game now. You have to command a decent 125,000 Cr. otherwise, but believe me, it is quite worth it.
This S2000 then is easily the best tuned S2000 of the lot in this game. Amuse may make 4, but none of them beat this. Mugen and Spoon can’t reach this either. And nor can PD themselves – not unless the S2000 LM goes back to being a 600hp master again. This is probably the only tuner car I know that can hold a candle to the HKS CT230R overall, with perhaps a few exceptions.
Oh, and for those of an S2000 GT1 Turbo disposition, here’s something for ya: try this, and accept that I was right for once. Yeah. :cool:

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