Gran Turismo 5: Nissan Silvia 240RS

Nissan Silvia 240RS (S110) ’83
Power: 241bhp
Weight: 970kg
PP: 427PP
0-60: 6.084 seconds
0-100: 13.117 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.412 seconds
1 mile: 36.466 seconds
Max Speed: 125.9mph
Max G-Force: 0.52G
Drivetrain: FR
Technically speaking, the Nissan Silvia 240RS is one of the worst cars that Nissan have ever produced. Here’s why.
First, let’s take a look at how it looks. The shape itself looks fine – classic 80s boxy stuff – then you see the square :irked: wheelarches on it. These look so ridiculous and horrible that obviously the man who designed them is now probably one of the world’s best players at Minecraft. I mean, square wheelarches? Really? Yes, I know the early 80s in general for cars was a very square time, but that does not mean that every single part of the car has to have an angle of some sort. Silly Nissan, taking it too far. :lol:
Also, the 240RS was designed mainly for rallying. This was built right at the time that 4WD was coming on unfortunately, in the quattro. Now, I haven’t tried it offroad, but I bet that with the FR drivetrain this thing has, this thing has more of a chance surviving offroad as the average GT1 race car. In other words, it probably doesn’t work offroad.
How about when you’re actually on the tarmac though? Well there, the 240RS is not that bad. It has a big 240hp engine – well, big considering the light 970kg weight. That’s another thing I’ve noticed though…how does this thing weight 970kg? Unless they built the insides of the car with nylon, I can’t quite see how this is possible.
But anyway, back to the driving. And as you would expect from a car with these stats and an FR drivetrain, you would expect a lot, and I mean a lot, of sliding. And the 240RS does just that. Slides a lot. Thing is though, you wish it had a higher limit to its sliding. It will slide…but only up to a point. It is a pretty high point actually, but I want it to be completely insane at sliding. Obviously, with characteristics like this, this is one of the game’s perfect cars for drifters, especially if you don’t wanna resort to using a Skyline. And if I wanted to slide a Skyline, I would not buy a GTS. Ever.
In terms of going in a straight line, that’s another area where the 240RS is absolutely hopeless. 0-60 in a time of 6 seconds is good, but it’s inevitably not so good when you find that about half a second later, you’ve maxed it out. I’m sorry, but 125.9mph is not just bad. It’s unacceptable. It will hit the redline on most home straights and hit the limiter on a good amount of them too. On Route X, I think I hit the limiter before I even hit the 1000m mark. That’s how bad it really is. So, the message is clear then. If you wanna drive this thing, go to somewhere without a straight. Then, most of the time, find yourself sliding into oblivion because you go beyond the limit and spin out.
So, the evidence is clear. Compared to most Nissans, or indeed most cars, the Silvia 240RS is almost completely useless. Outclassed down the straights, outclassed in looks, outclassed offroad and also quite pricey too at 72,200 Cr. And yet. And yet…
There’s something about this Nissan. Something that makes it one of the most epic Nissans. In fact, something that makes it one of the most epic cars in the game. You see, normal Nissans, mainly the R32, R33, R34 and R35, are all 4WD, grip, acceleration, straight line, cornering monsters. The 240RS is not any of these things. It’s FR, very slidey, has no top end and is almost impossible to keep still. And that’s what makes it better than most of the Skylines here.
It does something that no Nissan really manages to do. Have a soul. Which makes you wonder…who really made it? Nissan? Or the Italians?
The evidence is there, alright.

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