Gran Turismo 5: Mitsubishi Eclipse GT ’95

This might not seem like a special review to you…and you’d be right.
But even so, I wanna go ahead and review this thing. Reason being, the Eclipse was probably the only car in the Mitsubishi family tree I had never owned until I found it in the UCD. Minus the Airtrek, but while that is seriously cool, I just haven’t bothered to find one. :p
So anyway, it’s the oldest Eclipse in the game, the Eclipse GT ’95. Seems perfectly normal on the face of it…but look deeper and you’ll see it has significance as a car in general.
In terms of FFs, it is in the top 10 in terms of stock power for road cars. And among the general crop of FFs, it also tends to be the most powerful there as well.
In GT4 as a car, it really wasn’t very brilliant. It had a quite bad habit of understeer, obviously being FF, but the Eclipse seemed to take it higher than the other FFs in the game. The Honda Integra Type R felt more planted, whilst the Eclipse GT just veered straight off the road most of the time. This could have something to do with the weight of 1330kg it has, but an Alfa Romeo GTV is heavier by almost 120kg and that drove perfectly fine in GT4.
Here, it is a lot better. Understeer is still there of course, but you don’t really notice it through many corners. It also manages to hold its power very, very well down straights and its speed can keep climbing rather fast even at surprisingly high speeds. This is a good thing, and keeps it from being too dull.
In terms of looks, it isn’t terrifically brilliant, if I’m honest. It just doesn’t look very pretty. The wheels look a bit odd, and the shape doesn’t do it for me. And manages to make the car very heavy at the same time, annoyingly.
However, among FFs, the Eclipse is one of the fastest in a straight line, certainly. Other FFs will still turn more easily, but the Eclipse’s extra power will help it very much on more tracks than you may think. In addition, it also has much more torque than others from the same country, namely Hondas, although European cars do beat it in this regard.
Another slight issue with the Eclipse is, actually, its following generation. The ’06 version is, in fact, even faster than the ’95 with a whole lot more power – it is the most powerful road-spec FF stock – and while it is a lot heavier and actually has a lower P/W ratio, it will still generally be faster. It also looks a lot, lot better too. And the price increase is not much – the ’95 is a respectable 21,420 Cr., but the ’06 is 25,000 Cr. and still cheaper than an Integra, Megane or Focus. Which sort of makes the ’95 a little bit pointless.
Still, as the older Eclipse, it is more original, and more of a classic as well. And with the Eclipse series now gone for good, it’s good to have one in your garage somewhere. And one other thing: if I chose what 2nd gen Eclipse was in the game, it would be the GSX, not this. Same engine, but 4WD and therefore just better.

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