Gran Turismo 5: Mercedes-Benz 190 E Evolution II

Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5 – 16 Evolution II ’91
Power: 236bhp
Weight: 1340kg
Price: 67,910 Cr.
Prize: Yes (Mercedes-Benz AMG Academy Intermediate Silver)
0-60: 7.008 seconds
0-100: 16.631 seconds
¼ mile: 15.385 seconds
1 mile: 37.597 seconds
Max Speed: 154.3mph
Max G-Force: 0.52G
Drivetrain: FR
Possible AI in: FR Challenge, European Championship
I personally believe this to be one of my favourite Mercs ever. As a matter of fact, I have always gone by the fact that Mercedes, as the original inventor of the car, are the ones that do it best. (Note best =/= favourite.)
This particular car doesn’t necessarily demonstrate what Mercedes does best nowadays, but it certainly demonstrates what your average crazy touring car would look like if it were built to be on the road.
Indeed, this 190 E Evo II was built specifically as a homologation for the DTM series, with 500 special Blauschwarz 190Es being built for the purpose, based from the first Evolution model. The Touring Car itself is in this game for your experience, but we’re not here for that. We’re here for the road legal version.
Driving this thing isn’t exactly the last word in fast, as this is not exactly as epic on speed as you would expect it to be. But it does slide a heckload. This is, of course, FR, and I tuned one up previously, mainly as a road-going cruiser rather than a true speed machine, in current Mercedes style (I even tried to limit it to 155! Though this stock model almost does that in itself :p). However, on Suzuka Circuit East’s drift trial I went and tried it out and got gold in it almost instantaneously.
Indeed, this could largely be considered one of the best drifters in the entire game, and certainly one of the top Europeans in a cast that is dominated by super-powered Japanese FR cars. Pretty much the only thing that can rival this thing in drifting that isn’t across another continent is the BMW M Coupe, which is similarly awesome like the 190 E here and even faster when you’re keeping it sane. Still, this is surprisingly well-balanced in sliding even when you haven’t modded it.
I think that the events you can race this in are also good bets for doing in this thing yourself. You’ll obviously need some modification to get anywhere in the FR Challenge, but it might well be mid-table originally in the Euro Championship. Beating the faster things needs more modification. This is also a rather simple-to-obtain machine, if you can get round the Nurburgring well in an SLS AMG. I got gold in the AMG Academy Intermediate with enough struggling, which not only gets you this but another beast Mercedes, the CLK-LM. Strive for gold on the first two AMG Academy events: the rewards are super awesome.
So, while the 190 E Evo II might not be that fast, it certainly has an awesome cool factor to it. Like many touring cars, really. The DTM has moved to a new exciting coupe style now, with many people looking highly forward to the first race of these new tourers on the 29th April at Hockenheim. For the time being, prep yourself up with the good old days when this was one of the men to beat. Unfortunately, no road M5s here. Sorry.

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