Gran Turismo 5: Megane Renault Sport ’08

I ring up the Renault Sport dealer, and the phone is answered.
“Hello there. I’d like a new Megane Renault Sport 250 if possible?”
I could see it in my mind already.
“250? But the one we have only has 225.”
“Wait a minute…OK then, can I have it in yellow?”
“It isn’t available in yellow…”
“What do you mean? The Megane Renault Sport 250 Coupe…it does come in yellow!”
“…Coupe? We only do a hatchback…”
“Wait…you mean the older Megane?”
“Well, I guess so.”
“The one with the big arse?”
“Yeah, of course! That one!”
“Oh…OK then.”
Well…that was…disappointing.
So instead of an amazing looking 250hp FF yellow with black alloys super coupe, we have a not that good looking 225hp FF blue with simple basic wheels hatchback. Oh dear me.
Still, it is at least a Megane, so let’s go with it.
The car costs 41,000 Cr, which is too expensive for what it is. Still, at least it has a good enough price when you inevitably decide to sell it…and being what it is, it isn’t exactly charming looking either. However, it has a big arse…and I like those. Oh god what did I just say? :crazy:
In addition, it cannot be fitted with any aero parts at all, which means it suffers when you tune it for cornering purposes compared to other cars. Obviously, its cornering wasn’t brilliant in the first place as it is FF, but eh.
The interior is decent, and easy to see out of with the Megane’s tall shape. Of course though, the noise that comes out of the car when you’re onboard isn’t terribly pleasant for me.
However, it isn’t a bad performing car at all. It isn’t entirely the fastest thing known to man, but it has plenty of power – 225hp, which gives an excellent 227ft-lb of torque. With a weight of 1400kg, it isn’t all that light, but it isn’t that bad compared to some other cars in this game. It doesn’t understeer that much either despite its FF characteristics, but it still isn’t the fastest thing at cornering ever.
The sound of this thing isn’t really special at all – just a generic whine really. However, it is decently annoying to listen to in bumper and onboard cams since it really whines loudly then as aforementioned.. The exhausts look good enough for a better sound than this one anyway…:indiff:
The Megane has some very good competition it has to face against, but it can stand up to them well. It is a very good match for the Civic Type R – same power, but despite the Megane’s heavier weight it has much higher torque, which helps hugely out of corners and down long straights. The C30 R-Design is almost an equal to it, with more power and torque but a slightly heavier weight and price tag. Of course, the Megane is eligible for a wide number of events and can keep racing fair in those events as well, which is my favourite part about this Megane – its useability. It is one of the best cars for the Beginner races and the Amateur races, which makes it a good beginners car.
Overall, the Megane is a car that doesn’t hit the spot completely in a few areas, but it has a wide variety of uses and should provide you with some good close racing against AI cars. But please PD…put in the new Megane Renault Sport 250!!!

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