Gran Turismo 5: Lotus Motor Sport Elise

No Elise 111Rs, Sport 190s or just Elises here; this is the fastest Elise in the game!
It’s the Lotus Motor Sport Elise, and boy, what a cracker it is.
It is, technically, when stock, in fact, the fastest Lotus in the whole game. It is also the only racer they make in the game, not counting their RM versions because they weren’t RM when you bought them, I know.
But speed is not just what this car manages to pull off. Oh no. This thing can do far greater things than just whizz you from A to B before you’ve actually set off.
Because, as a matter of fact, this Elise is a very fun car to drive. It may have just 204bhp, but it weighs a miniscule 700kg. And with a mid-engine layout, you can get plenty of sliding going on without really even lightly killing yourself.
However, in fact, it isn’t really that slidey at all anyway. Because it’s fitted with a set of Racing Hards to start with, it is very grippy indeed, and rather than doing a ton of sliding it is instead more a car for impressive burnouts. Although you might wanna watch your tyres with the new tyre wear…:sly:
As another added bonus, the Motor Sport Elise is actually hugely customisable despite its race car branding. In fact, pretty much all it comes with to begin with is a 5 Speed Close-Ratio Transmission and an upgraded suspension. You can even fit it with a new wing (the default one has 15 downforce on it at the rear, don’t know values afterwards). In fact, you can actually give it extra weight reduction. It doesn’t even have an upgraded exhaust stock…not that you’d wanna be changing it though!
The sound on the Motor Sport Elise is not one for bad hearers. It is a huge, storming buzz of a noise that if you’re not prepared, will probably be a) annoying and b) bad to your ears. But when you get used to it, it becomes an almost trademark of the Motor Sport Elise. You don’t wanna get rid of it – it sounds like the sound it needs to have. Just a huge buzz that can be heard from every point on the track that enhances the driving experience even more. Not only that, but in automatic the car doesn’t seem to be able to contain itself and will always shift past the red line, amplifying the huge buzz of its engine to the absolute maximum and best.
Then we get onto the car’s looks. Now I’ve said that a normal Elise looks very cutesy and all nice and lovely, and makes me feel rather warm inside. This is what happens when the Elise goes to the gym, takes some extra protein pills and works out every other day.
It looks just hugely aggressive. It reminds nearby drivers that you are driving a huge lightweight weapon that will not back down from a fight easily, not ever. Even more so if said driver has modified it, and even more so if said driver had kept the stock exhaust, transmission and neglected a new wing…the sound of the car shifting that quickly could literally scare drivers away from it. There’s also a ton of colours stock for this car, and I think the dark blue you see here is best for it. Light blue is good too. However, these more aggressive looks are rather overshadowed when you remember what this thing really is.
A Series 1 Elise. The problem with looks like this on a car like this is that they do not fit what the car really is. The Series 2 Elise is obviously hugely aggressive looking to begin with. (At least if it isn’t a hard top.) If these modifications were done to the looks on a Series 2, it would actually eat opponents. The Series 1 Elise does not look aggressive to begin with. Making it look aggressive like this is in reality very silly. And a stock Elise is, if anything, a bit girly. Giving an originally girly car looks like this would not make you look good online. Everyone would laugh at you in reality, with you thinking you’re scaring everything away when in fact they’re just laughing at your efforts to look good when you don’t realise what it is under the skin for real. Which is a crying shame for this thing, because it would, to be honest, be nearly flawless without it.
But regardless, fail but not fail looks don’t ruin the sheer fun, adrenaline and possible pain this thing can give. This car alone makes choosing the right Elise super hard. It is the most expensive, at 100,000 Cr., but for what you get, it is rather worth it, honestly. However, the 111R and stock Elise ’96 are huge challengers against it, as is the Sport 190. I find it works like this: Elise ’96 for beginners (and girls), the 111R for hugely aggressive people (like me), the Sport 190 for people who want the fastest (aka noobs) and the Motor Sport Elise for those who want an illusion of being aggressive (sadly). Such a shame that the Motor Sport Elise has to fall as such, because it is such a good car, I’m almost tempted to start collecting them. And then give them out as scams for ‘getting ripped in 3 weeks’.

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