Gran Turismo 5: Lexus LFA

And now it’s time for a supercar that has caused quite a stir among the GT community around here…the Lexus LFA.
So, the Lexus LFA. Some like it, some hate it. Some say it’s a great car to drive with plenty of fun and potential inside. Others say it’s a less than great handling car no matter what state it’s in. I’m personally in the former camp myself. Here’s why…
Performance is never going to be short in a car like this. 562bhp is a ton of it, and it gets the car from A to B in very little amounts of time. While sometimes the car is also a little bit off in the handling section, it’s mostly OK there too. For the most part though, it’s among the top supercars around here in terms of speed and it’s all the better for it.
Tuning this car has always been a massive problem. Not only is there a rather unfortunate lack of parts on the car to fit, but downforce is not available – ever – and trying to fit other parts on it make for a really complicated journey in trying to fix up the car and make it as fast as possible through a corner again. However, this hasn’t stopped many tuners from having a crack at taming this wild beast. RKM’s LFA GT has a review actually upcoming from me to the GTLife magazine, so you can check a review of it out there. Other tuners, such as Praiano and RVR have had a shot at taking on the wild beast of the LFA, and even I’ve had a go and used one in my fanfic under Katie Hart’s ownership. Trust me, she loves hers too. ;)
However at the end of the day the LFA can get some very good speed if you give it the right tune. With a good setup, getting a very happy LFA that is speedy, yet easy to have fun with makes for a true masterpiece. Many LFAs have this potential, but finding it is a hard job sometimes. Even though there may be only 500 in the real world, there are infinite numbers around here, and I have 3. Including this one, the RKM LFA GT and Katie’s LFA. I’m quite a big fan of these, you see.
But anyway, enough of tuning rubbish, this is a stock LFA we have here, so we’re gonna talk about that. And we’re now gonna move on to the sound. Or should I say…the music of this engine. A V10 that screams in an almost soothing way to you and makes you feel more satisfied than a seal with a bagful of fish to eat. Or should that be…a ?
Either way, the sound is awesome. And it gets better when you fit a new exhaust to the thing (like Katie who has a semi-racing exhaust on her LFA). You get the classic car scream from the LFA after fitting an exhaust to it and it makes one really pumped. Or me pumped up anyway. Apparently they actually changed the stock exhaust sound to make it lower in a patch, but either way the car still sounds great. The exhaust itself looks great though – it’s a triangular triple exhaust that looks so good I’ve seen girls that look worse than it alone.
The car itself looks wonderful. Even as a supercar, though it’s only Japanese rather than Italian and the badge says Lexus as opposed to Ferrari of Lamborghini the car still looks brilliant. It’s swooping with cutting edges all around the car and they look brilliant. The moving spoiler gives this car a new look as well with it up, with a calmer look when it’s down and a hugely aggressive look with it up. The car itself also looks rather angry, sort of as if though it could be an enemy Transformer. And knowing what sort of car it really is…it could be one! Yikes! :eek:
The price tag is not bad at all. Well, it isn’t if you haven’t done a seasonal event yet, but either way it’s OK for what it is. 375,000 Cr. is hardly a bad price, and if you for some reason do decide to sell an LFA (curse you) then the price on that is pretty nice as well (not that it’s the best way to get money anyway…). Plus, the number of colours you can get this thing in is…wow!
There’s white, silver, gray, black, MATTE black (and you get the paint chip from it! :D), red, pearl red, pink, light green, turquoise, blue, lavender, dark green, gold…it’s a rainbow of colours! And it’s not that hippie, it’s just…variable! Really! :D
So in the end, the LFA is one very brilliant car. No one can actually tune it perfectly well, the handling by default isn’t perfect and there is stuff out that is better in the long run. But really…this is a wonderful car. It’s got a good feel, a pretty good straight line speed, an uncanny ability to blow your ears off, great looks and a great feel. These are all the reasons why actually…I think the LFA is the best supercar in the game. Not the R8, GT-R, SLS, 458, Corvette, Veyron, Murcielago, any of them. It’s this. And I’m not ashamed of my opinion…

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