Gran Turismo 5: Land Rover Range Stormer

Land Rover Range Stormer Concept ’04
Power: 351bhp
Weight: 2500kg
PP: 432
0-60: 5.836 seconds
0-100: 15.431 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.457 seconds
1 mile: 36.503 seconds
Max Speed: 163.0mph
Max G-Force: 0.86G
Drivetrain: 4WD
So, meet the Range Stormer. The only Land Rover name that hasn’t been brought into production yet. And ooh boy does it look muscly.
It’s supposedly a kitted out Range Rover, but if you think about it, it could almost be a bigger Evoque. It’s the slimness of the roof and everything for me…it even has a classic muscle car style boot for the Jaguar 4.2 V8. It also has very large wheelarches too. Of course, its sheer size means that it is a perfect candidate to spot the inaccuracies of Standard cars…but who cares!
The Jag 4.2 V8 makes 350bhp – a decent amount, except it weighs 2500kg. That is the heaviest car in the game – not including the genuinely troll-type Jay Leno Tank Car which makes every car look like a small butter knife in this game. Mind you…this does much the same thing.
So then, about driving the thing…well, I will say, on the road, it’s much as you would expect: quite hopeless. Still, at least you do expect it, so it’s not as bad. But anyway, I’ll get it out quickly: it’s understeery. This comes down to its 4WD system and its huge weight which will make it capsize into the nearest wall when put under enough turning pressure. Lifting off seems to help a great deal, but then that makes the car feel weird and un-natural.
Still, if you aren’t doing a great deal in the turns, you might well make up for it in a straight line. I did really not expect this thing to be getting from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds: it doesn’t sound epic, but for something that is roughly equivalent to a house in terms of weight, even with the fat engine, it’s not bad. In fact, the max g-force I got with this thing was higher than I hit while testing a Lexus IS F Racing Concept. That says something, right? However, it is not just the 4WD that helps this thing to good acceleration. The car also has 415 ft-lb to help it, and if you take it on a top speed run, you can see it. I literally hardly stopped accelerating down the whole 10000m straight of Route X. Unfortunately, because it’s only 10000m, I only managed 160mph – still not bad, but when I say that I wasn’t even in top gear, you’ll realise the top speed potential this thing has. Indeed, I’ve calculated this long and hard and worked out that if Route X’s straight was another 10000m long, I’d come out of the test doing 4,165mph. Impressive. :tup:
However, there’s something else missing from this test thus far. A trait that should never be missed out on in a Land Rover.
What happens…
…if you take it…
Well, you’ll be pleased to note that it’s good.
Every problem the Range Stormer had on the road is taken off of it offroad. It’s just so easy to drive on the dirt, with all the power and torque helping it along and the 4WD proving its worth very well. Even the big weight doesn’t make it felt at this point. It just breezes through the corners with no trouble.
This is what makes the Range Stormer a top class car. It may not be the best thing to drive in the world, but as the only representative of the great name of Land Rover, it does the job with absolute aplomb. Even though it isn’t even a production car, it still proves the Land Rover name greatly by itself. You can tell it just by how well it does offroad. Land Rovers are built for offroad naturally – things like the Defender and Range Rover, for instance, all proving their legendary status off the road. And in their absence, the Range Stormer does their job superbly well. I like this thing, and I recommend you get your hands on this one. 500,000 Cr. is a big asking price, but then it would be. It’s a concept. Problem?

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