Gran Turismo 5: Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car

Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car ’85
Power: 456bhp
Weight: 890kg
Price: 2,000,000 Cr.
Prize: Yes (Trofeo Gallardo A-Spec)
0-60: 3.019 seconds
0-100: 6.589 seconds
¼ mile: 11.026 seconds
1 mile: 28.666 seconds
Max Speed: 154.0mph
Max G-Force: 1.07G
Drivetrain: 4WD
Welcome then to the fastest rally car in this game. This is the Delta S4, and it is very potent.
However, it is quite odd among rally cars. The fact is, that despite it being 4WD, it doesn’t really work offroad. This is not simply down to the very extreme stats of the car itself, but also down to the fact that this an mid-engined car.
In case you didn’t notice, I am sliding in that first picture. That would give you a hint to its nature of craziness. I’m sure that the mid-engine means the drift forum would take this up at least somewhat well, but I doubt they’d be smart enough to see too much potential in this.
The Delta is also very fast in a straight line…but not as fast as it is in real life. In real life it 0-60 in some 2.6 seconds on gravel. Here it does 0-60 in 3 on tarmac. Still, impressive time regardless.
Of course, as a rally car of this caliber, it is hopeless at the top end, given that as an extra powerful rally car, you would expect the top speed to be put at least a little higher. But apparently not.
Still, I’ll say it again, this is the fastest rally car in the game, or at least the highest on my personal tier list for such cars in the game. (I haven’t tried the 205 Turbo Evo2 in this game yet: I’m presuming it’s very evil too.)
This, however, is not my favourite Group B car in this game. As a matter of fact, none of the ones in this game are. Because one key figure (plus another one actually) is missing from the cast.
Meet Lancia’s rally creation before the Delta S4 came about – the 037 Stradale. This thing is epic. This was the last RWD rally car to win a WRC title – beating out Audi’s 4WD sport Quattro S1 (the other missing figure from this game), and it just filled with character in every way. This is, quite possibly, my favourite Italian car of all time, and probably in effect one of my top 20 – maybe even 10 – favourite cars. I am sure the world of GT would welcome this thing well, and I’m sure GTPlanet’s community would love this thing to bits.
Not to discount from the Delta S4 in any way, of course – it is still a very good car that can surprise many. It’s just that, for being the best of Group B in this game, it is not good enough.

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