Gran Turismo 5: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Right then…how will our late Italian speedster get on in this simple, 1 to 1 test?
Well, let’s say that it is hardly a slow machine at all. 560bhp and 4WD make the car beautifully fast and also make the car a pretty diverse ground for tuning as well. I did have one tune I was planning to release for the car – a tune I used to win the Suzuka 1000km in B-Spec – but it never got to the line before I sold it. Of course, I do have one Lambo residing in my garage for racing, the TerminalVeloce-ity…but that’s not what we’re here for. As good as the Murcielago LP670-4 is, this is all Gallardo, so none of that here.
One thing I will note about early in this review is the sound of the Gallardo. Now, in my opinion, the Gallardo’s sound to be honest isn’t all that good for me. However, two things make it stand out for me over other sounds in this game.
1) It provides the base for the Murcielago LP670-4 (and I think the LP640’s as well?) absolutely superb sound
2) The realism inside the sound is beyond believing.
Obviously, while the Murcielago is a V12, not a V10 like the Gallardo, I’m not sure I care, because the sound on that is brilliant. However, the realism part is what I’m looking at. Compare, if you will…also observe the mask of horror that is Forza’s sound :p
Yeah, I’d say that’s very close.
Anyway, the handling of the car is also a hit, and isn’t bad at all. It is a good car to drive, and the 4WD doesn’t seem to do much to it apart from give it some extra grip to help the car stay in its spot.
Of course, buying a Gallardo will be an absolute requirement to beat the game at all, no matter how much you may hate it, you will need to buy one to get to 100% in this game through the Gallardo Trophy. Of course, this also opens the door to using one for the Lamborghini Exclusive event (I have a Murcielago LP640 Chrome Line for that though…). The price of a Gallardo is 253,300 Cr., which is cheaper than a 458, and hardly much more than an MP4-12C. Of course the SLS is quite a bit cheaper, but it only has a German, mechanical heart in it. The Gallardo is an Italian flair-filled car (despite Audi actually owning it), and knows what you want to do with it.
The looks are obviously going to be a top score on the Gallardo, being Italian and all. The car is beautifully curved and has plenty of good looks elsewhere on it too. In addition, you can get many, many parts to put onto your Gallardo, to enhance its look even further. But I would definitely keep its yellow paint. Yes, this one’s white but…look, just- get on.
The Gallardo’s modification areas are not limited in the slightest. As aforementioned, the car has several parts to put on it, enough colour combinations to not ruin the car’s looks, and can max out at 760bhp+. Making it a LP760-4. Also the car gets better handling through an absolutely crucial 2 front downforce level, which is better than at least some can manage. Except the 458 goes to 10 front downforce, along with the ACR and Murcielago LP670, and the GT by Citroen has tons of downforce on it to begin with, along with the R390 and NSX-R Proto, and things like Nissan GT-R’s are totally different stories for this thing too. But it does outdo the SLS! By having some front downforce anyway. But that has a Stealth Model to cancel that out, so yeah…the Gallardo is kinda outclassed when getting tuned up next to other cars of its caliber. And the Corvette ZR1…well, it has an RM. There. And the Z06 too. Still, it is fast…certainly very fast, despite being a bit behind its rivals in modification terms. Plus you can actually give the car some pretty large amount of enhancements anyway :drool:
So anyway, the Lamborghini Gallardo is certainly a very good car indeed, with good power, realistic sound, sweet handling, plenty of uses, striking looks, superb…ish modification levels, and the Lamborghini badge. It’s a good one this. Well done, Lambo. I’ll have an LP670-4, please. :sly:

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