Gran Turismo 5: Jaguar XKR Coupe

Now then, the XKR. One of the best all-round cars in the real world and a 512bhp power house of a huge 1810kg. How well does the XKR really do here?
I will start with the sound. In the first three views, the sound is remarkably meh. It’s no more than a mere drone. The onboard view itself is also very odd, being zoomed in seemingly all too much. On the chase cam though, the sound of the XKR is hugely improved and turns into a snorting V8 style sound. Sort of like the new F10 M5 really: bad at the front, awesome at the back.
The looks of the car are certainly a hit. They’re really striking for me. Very swoopy, and like a typical super coupe pretty bulky as well, but with all sorts of chunks taken out to enhance the looks further. It’s a pretty big hit, and has been for me since the car came out in ’06.
The performance of this thing is pretty good, even despite all the weight. While the car does feel like it has less than 512bhp, the handling certainly doesn’t say it has 1810kg on board. This makes the car pretty fast, and with the huge weight comes massive possibilities for weight reduction to make the car even faster in the bends. XKR’s have been tuned before – JG, RKM and Praiano all have their versions for the car. I haven’t necessarily tried any of them myself – the only real Jaguar I have right now are both the XJ13’s – but tuning up the XKR will make a huge benefit.
Due to its wide range of power the XKR can have its moments in the main game too. Obvious choices for the car are the Grand Valley 300km and Laguna 200 miles. With a power up the Tuning Car Grand Prix is another event it can win, likewise the Supercar Festival and Polyphony Digital Cup races. These are only examples as well…
Compared to rivals, the XKR is priced decently enough. An M5 is almost 20,000 Cr. cheaper, a Lexus IS F is more than half the price of this and gets RM, a Corvette Z06 C5 is close to 1/3 of the price and the SL 55 AMG and Viper GTS undercut it as well. However, there are cars the XKR does beat in the price range – a DB9 is more expensive, for one, a Miura is far more expensive (and a GT-R Proto), the R8 4.2 and RS6 Avant are beaten by it and the California is also more expensive too, leaving the XKR roughly in the middle of its rivals for price.
Against its rivals it also comes in the middle-ish for power. A California is less powerful by a distance but gets 150kg less. An RS6 has hugely more power but also even more weight – though not as much as you would have yourself believe. The R8 4.2 is the polar opposite of the RS6 versus the XKR, with the Viper weighing in very similarly, but with more power and hugely more torque than an R8 and more even than the XKR’s big number of 469 ft-lb. Among these though, the XKR does outnumber the M5 in power and undercut it in weight, has tons more power than the Miura (but not far off double the weight), the IS F’s stats seem kinda weak against it too. An SL 55 is completely ousted – not only is it outpowered but has far more weight, although 552 ft-lb of torque is worth a mention, not to mention its close on 1000hp potential. Z06’s and DB9’s tend to get beaten pretty handedly by the XKR as well, and the GT-R Proto’s stats also tend to get it beaten by the XKR.
So in the end, the XKR certainly is a car to get eventually. It is very well balanced, with plenty of power, despite plenty of weight which does tend to go unnoticed. It tends to be very well mixed among its rivals and also looks awesome too. So, make sure you get yourself one of Jaguar’s finest arts soon.

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