Gran Turismo 5: Honda Insight ’99

Honda Insight ’99
Power: 70bhp
Weight: 820kg
Price: 21,000 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 12.241 seconds
0-100: 35.414 seconds
¼ mile: 19.187 seconds
1 mile: 47.352 seconds
Max Speed: 126.2mph
Max G-Force: 0.38G
Drivetrain: FF
Possible AI in: None
Honda’s main hybrid intake comes from stuff like the Insight and…oh wait. Hang on.
*ahem* Honda’s main hybrid intake comes from stuff like the current Insight, which is dull, and the CR-Z, which is pretty awesome if I’m honest. But this pre-empted them all. I give you, the old Insight!
Despite the identical name to Honda’s modern day sleep-mobile, this actually looks more like it predated the CR-Z. You can see it in the looks, and, to be honest, the overall shape of the two are similar. The shape of the bonnet, some of the sides and the windows bear some similarity to the CR-Z. However, if you look deeply, the Insight seems to bear more similarity to a DC2 on sale at the same time as this.
And of course, the wheel covers make a difference. Oh yeah! Did I mention that? This thing has wheel covers! :lol:
Now you see where the Prius TC inspiration comes from.
The Insight overall looks certainly alright, though without being able to see the full pair of rear wheels, it does look a bit more spaceship like. And its technology was spaceship like, back in the day.
Obviously, the hybrid motor is present and all that jazz, built to rival the first Prius model. (Although the older Prius in this game is ’02 spec which technically makes this the oldest hybrid, though the first Prius came along earlier IRL.) However, unlike the Prius, this is powered first and foremost by its petrol engine as opposed to being centrally powered by the electric motor and having just the one gear.
Overall, driving the Insight is a pretty calm task. It doesn’t fidget about too much, and overall it does a good job in the handling sector. It does feel like it has some power behind it at least, though the times do suggest it is not going to be the greatest thing in the world in terms of getting you round a track. It does though have some torque behind it: though the torque stat is low, the engine was still keeping the car accelerating until a good bit down the straight. I somehow think it doesn’t keep in mind the torque the electric motor gives, but it’s not like it ran out or anything over the course of the 10000m it was given to travel down.
The Insight often tends to be another one of those cars that gets marked down as being too slow for the game, and, of course, hybrid technology hasn’t made a whole chunk of fans even today, some 15 years after its production introduction. But the Insight was the start of the main attempts from Honda to bring it to light, and they have since proven the biggest rival to Toyota’s mainstream hybrid cars. The Insight drives well, looks good and has had its general style carried on by the CR-Z, despite the new Insight model, which is more of a 4-door base and more of a rival to the Prius. This’ll make for a good enough joke character, although the question of being able to make it lethal remains unanswered by me at least.

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