Gran Turismo 5: Holden Monaro

Holden Monaro CV8 ’04
Power: 334bhp
Weight: 1658kg
Price: 47,960 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 5.493 seconds
0-100: 12.775 seconds
¼ mile: 14.044 seconds
1 mile: 34.572 seconds
Max Speed: 170.2mph
Max G-Force: 0.62G
Drivetrain: FR
Possible AI in: None
Holden’s most recent stuff, which has been released here under the Vauxhall badge, has been super awesome. The newest VXR8 here looks so awesome and drives so awesomely as well, and the Maloo VXR is much the same, with much more practicality and maybe even awesomeness. However, this is the sort of stuff that was given before, and this Monaro looks a good deal calmer than what we have today. But still good.
It is somewhat less powerful than what we have today though. Question is, will that perturb it from its normal style here?
Well…I’m afraid, it sort of does. How saddening.
Granted, I was testing it on Monza. Monza is a track for speed and leaves hardly any true opportunities for sliding. The first two chicanes certainly limit this thing here, but even around the rest of the track – the Lesmos, Ascari and the Parabolica, this did not exactly move like lightning.
334bhp does not seem like enough. Thankfully you have a lot of room for modification on this thing: enough to make you reach close to 750bhp with a full mod. So evidently, this is a car you need to modify up to get the best of. There are 3 tunes here on GTP for the Monaro: one of which comes from the highly rated XDesperado67.
That said, this Monaro does still look very good, and it probably will in any of the stock colors this comes in, not just this yellow “Devil”…
So anyway, this Monaro does not seem to have been taken to the max. If you tune it up to the levels of the modern Holden stuff – I take that to be 414bhp to be precise – it should rock the socks of most of you. I’m not here to drive a tuned model though – I’m here to drive the stock model. It should also be noticed that this is rather prone to consistent collisions with Ford vehicles of all sorts, although not by accident. It just does it.

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