Gran Turismo 5: GT by Citroen Road Car

Though largely built through fiction, it’s time to see how well this joint venture between Citroen and PD can do.
Citroen and PD started the project 3 years ago, and this is the result. This is the road car version, so let’s see what’s what with this one.
Performance levels with this thing are as you would expect them to be for a supercar. 510bhp is nothing to be laughed about with this thing. It really helps it along very well. Even despite the 1450kg of weight, this thing still proves its worth very well in acceleration.
Handling is also another matter to be considered. You may think that the handling isn’t going to be as good as it actually is. The GT is pretty heavy, and with enough power you might be thinking ‘understeer’. Especially when you find out the drivetrain is ‘—‘. Which is obviously a lie because there isn’t anywhere in the car where three dashes are the wheels and the engine at the same time. :boggled: The actual handling itself isn’t that brilliant, but one key feature of the GT by Citroen helps it out enormously in this statistic – downforce as stock. This helps severely, and while looks of the car can’t be improved through modification (thank gods for the Race Car! :D), without the downforce the handling would probably be much worse. It’s what helps the GT by Citroen compete with higher powered cars.
The GT has some very awkward, but good looks. The way the car seems to be boxed but swooping makes for an unusually decent look. The rear of the car doesn’t seem to be that great, but the sides look beautiful. The front is OK. What this essentially makes the car is an ‘OK looking French car’. Result!
But now it’s time to move onto one very bad flaw which all three GT models suffer from…the onboard view. The space around it, the interior, looks great. The wheel looks cool and the area encloses you, which looks sweet. But actually driving in it is impossible, because there is a stupid speedometer in front of me, and a really slim window as well to add further. It gets worse with the Race Car, which really is nigh on undriveable in onboard. It kills a bit of realism with the GT (even if there’s only one in the real world in the first place! :dunce: ) and it’s just such an annoyance. Screw you, obnoxious speedometer. :grumpy:
The GT by Citroen’s useability rating is…alright. It will certainly work for the Supercar Festival, since it essentially is one. However, unless you modify it, there’s not a whole lot the Citroen can fairly enter in. The Tuned Car Championship would be an option with better tyres, and it can certainly keep it fair in the Polyphony Digital Cup. If it was allowed in the MR Sports Cup it would definitely be good for a fair race there, but sadly the drivetrain is still, and always will be ‘—‘. ??? :confused:
Here’s another annoyance with the GT by Citroen, and that is it’s lack of a good sound. The Race Car’s is a brilliant, high growl that screams like a baby. The Concept’s is…awkward to say the least, but it sounds cool. The Road Car’s just sounds…droning. It doesn’t have enough life to it. You can give it the Race Car’s growl with a Racing Exhaust, but this is a stock Road Car and I don’t modify cars like that.
Then there’s the price. Much like the R8 LMS before it, the price of this car is simply not worth it for its performance. The Road Car and the Concept both cost 2 million Cr., whilst the Race Car costs 5,600,000 (but you can win that from the B-Spec Dream Car Championship). This simply isn’t worth it for me. The Concept’s performance is actually probably too high for the price, but all three of the Citroen GT’s are still too expensive. Yes, there’s only 1 in the real world but still…come on.
At the end of the day, the Citroen GT is good at what it does, but a failure in areas that allow you to enjoy it more. Add to that its price tag, and you have a fast car for sure, but a bit of a useless one. Nice try, PD.

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