Gran Turismo 5: GT by Citroen Race Car

A fictional work by PD, made fictional further by PD.
It’s the GT by Citroen Race Car, the latest work of race car by PD, adding fictionality to an already remotely fictional car. I know what you might be thinking already, but we’ll get to that later.
Let’s start with the drawbacks first, since it would be better to get them out of the way for this first.
Firstly, the price. This costs a very ridiculous 5,600,000 Cr., which is all too much for its performance. Much like the GT Road Car then. This is compounded by it being a prize car in the Dream Car Championship in B-Spec, which isn’t hard, but still, you can get better for free.
Then we come up to one of the most glaring issues of the Citroen GT series – as a whole – onboard view. In the GT Road Cars and Concepts, this is bad enough already. You have a huge steering wheel perfectly getting in your way and ruining your possible attempts to drive onboard with them. It’s the same basis with this Race Car – except it actually manages to add to the problem by putting a head-up display…right on the windscreen. This creates one of the most genuinely useless onboard views of all time and you would be forgiven for switching out from it as a usual view to use one of the other three, much better views in this case. Not a good start for the Citroen GT Race Car then.
However, it does make up for it with some good performance…albeit not great performance. You get a 7-speed gearbox in this thing, much like the Road Car, but with shortened ratios obviously. It will get through 1st and 2nd with remarkable speed…then the speed sort of dies and it just goes to gaining speed. It’s a bit of a disappointment, alas, but it does make it a good choice on twisty tracks.
The handling on it, as a race car is, obviously, very good. The added thing with this is that you do get very little wheelspin, which means this is one of the more controllable cars in the game all around. Why this is, we don’t know, because while it does have a drivetrain, it’s a secret, previously unknown drivetrain to anyone, known as “—“. No one knows how it works, but apparently, it seems to work rather good on this thing…
You might have seen though, in these pictures I’ve posted, one certain thing about this car though.
If you look, very, very carefully around the whole thing…’ll notice…
…there isn’t one…
…bad angle…
…on this car.
Yes. That’s right. This really is a car that, despite it not being the most successful to drive ever, wins you over with some stunning and gorgeous looks not seen since…well, I do know one person actually that looks better, but that’s SEEECREET! ;)
The looks on this car are stunning. If Renault has the Megane RS250 (PDputingameplease) and Peugeot has…nothing at all- oh wait! 905 :D, then this is certainly the idea of Citroen’s best looking car in…er…ever.
At the front, you have the the painted on badge, then the box wedges around that lead to the lights, with that big front splitter there.
On the side, you have the lovely swooping shape surrounding the all-black cockpit, with the side skirts and the silver plating swooshing down the side too.
Then at the back, you have the superb looking tail-lights, the grille, more badging, more aerodynamic art and, of course, the space station wing on the back – complete with wedge to hold it.
Everywhere you look with this thing, you see beauty. It is what makes you wanna drive the damn thing. Because, while there are cheaper, better drive alternatives that you can actually see out of, everything else will intentionally pause when they see you – just to get a look at your whole damn Citroen GT. And they’ll think “Wish my car looked as good as that”.
Its looks have even led to it being nicknamed the ‘Batmobile’ but I can’t see it. Probably because the only colour that works with this thing – the only colour – is the red metallic it comes in. Any other red doesn’t cut it. Orange looks too spicy, yellow doesn’t look good enough, green looks just dull, black looks too dark, blue isn’t right on it…in fact, anything other than the red metallic paint you can get this thing in makes it look worse. Which is why, when I bought another one of these, I bought it in this colour. And you should too. Bad luck if you didn’t get it: get yourself a Chaparral 2J, some B-Spec Bobs, an online connection, do a seasonal, get 6 million, and buy one of these. You won’t be able to get past it.

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