Gran Turismo 5: Formula Gran Turismo

Formula Gran Turismo
Power: 936bhp
Weight: 550kg
Price (Level): 5,000,000 Cr. (24)
Prize: No
0-60: 2.372 seconds
0-100: 3.742 seconds
¼ mile: 8.624 seconds
1 mile: 21.226 seconds
Max Speed: 222.0mph
Max G-Force: 1.20G
Drivetrain: MR
Possible AI in: Formula Gran Turismo World Championship
So here we have a rather fast white and purple car. Hey, those are the colours of PD themselves! And this is also their own custom Formula racer, the Formula Gran Turismo name. You expected it to be called something else?
This is an incredibly powerful car, and has the second highest power-to-weight ratio of any car in this game behind the X series. So you would imagine this would be a very fast thing.
And it is, but it’s also an incredibly complex car to get into and drive. As a matter of fact, if you’re really brave, you could technically use this as a top class drifter. I know I tried at some point on this run. Of course now I’ve said that the drift forum is gonna come into this and hit me with objects for using a stupid car for their cute little hobby.
But either way, aside from the bad handling, which is probably down to less downforce than, say, the two Ferrari F1s, this is immensely fast. 0-100 takes no time whatsoever, nor does a 1/4 mile. And nor does 1 mile, if I’m honest…the transmission is rigged to give max performance out of corners, but it’s much for the better of this thing. It can also be said this is one of the standard cars with a cockpit, being an open-wheel and therefore getting such a luxury. I have to say that the cockpit in it does look very good, and they even animate the paddle-shift in it as well. None of the stuff works, but still…
One thing that almost certainly bugs me about this car though is the one event you see it in, which is the Formula Gran Turismo World Championship, of course. This is the only non-enduro A-Spec event I have not completed yet. It is just such a marathon to try and keep on driving this thing for 20 laps of Fuji, Indy, Monaco, the Nurb, Monza and Suzuka. I have only golded Fuji and Indy – I tried Monaco and couldn’t get to the front, and just went and backed out from there. It really is a complete nuisance of an event. B-Spec is fine, of course, because I don’t have to work there.
So then. The FGT. Certainly not the best car to drive in this game, but certainly ridiculously fast. It’s also rather overused online, it must be said, coming up alongside the X series in the 9-year old trolling brigade’s race to find the top car to have ‘fun’ in. :rolleyes: I must also say before I finish this, I like the looks on this thing a lot. This is rather colour dependant as with the Citroen GT Race Car, but this white/purple shows off all this lovely bodywork so well. I think it looks better than any of the other three Formula-related racers in this game, so there’s one other positive to this thing. Still, I’d just take something like an FTO to drive around a track, not this.

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