Gran Turismo 5: Ford Mark IV

So, here we are in Madrid with a Ford Mark IV Race Car on our hands. Mmm, sounds tasty!
The Ford Mark IV is one heck of a legend. It is part of the 4 time winning Le Mans legacy of Ford from the late 1960’s, and it sure as hell has deserved its place in history. Alongside the Ferrari 330P4 and the late Jaguar XJ13 in this game the three make for a wonderful trio of storming, speedy and young-feeling cars that aren’t giving up the ghost to any new time Super GT race car anytime soon. This is the Mark IV, and here’s what I think of it.
Firstly, the performance of this thing. Obviously, as a car with 509bhp on tap it is going to be fast. But the mere 1000kg weight of this car is a very helpful part to ensuring the Mark IV can go faster than other cars around it. Despite being the heaviest of the trio of classics (by a mere 2kg should I say) and despite being less powerful than the Jag it is still a great machine that can’t be left standing in any drag race easily.
The handling is also a top class affair. 1000kg really isn’t very much for a car to move around corners, especially with 509bhp to get you around them. The Mark IV is very speedy through corners, and doesn’t disappoint in this regard.
The gearbox is a little quirky though. The 330P4 and XJ13 have proper average racer 5-speed gearboxes, where as the Mark IV has…well, 4. This essentially makes it a partially classic NASCAR as it has the right ingredients for one – power, aerodynamic efficiency, lack of weight – oh wait no, that’s not right. It does have one heck of a sound though…
The best sound in the game, in fact. It is actually a mildly realistic version of what a big fat American V8 engine would sound like with a huge exhaust coming out of it, and my lords is it good.
With just a 4 speed gearbox, you can really feel the engine flowing through your ears as you drive it. Especially in the lowest revs when you take off it makes a brilliant sound, and at idle as well the little sound it makes just sounds so brilliant. When you get to the revs though, the epic engine you hear just drills through your mind and gives you a superb feel, knowing that you’re driving a car with such thrill to it and it just makes you feel awesome inside. Easily the best part of the Mark IV for me, and it deserves the best sound in the game award for me.
One good thing also about the Mark IV is the amount of events you can use it in. American Championship, Gran Turismo World Championship, Dream Car Championship, Suzuka 1000km and obviously the Historic Racing Car Cup will come to your mind as good events for this car, and it does well in all of these events in all of the races.
The price of buying one though…is as you surely know, a rather tall number. It is one of the 5 big bad 20,000,000 cars that can only be purchased through having the max number of Cr. you can have in this game. Of course, this along with the 330P4, 2D, Miura and such makes the 1967 birthday ticket the most valuable of them all, and it deserves such a title with such cars in it. It’s how I got mine… :mischievous:
So the Mark IV is certainly a good car at the end of the day. Not only is it very fast, very good through corners and a great classic, but also a good car all-round and also the best ear porn I have ever found in this game. Even the 787B can’t come close enough to this thing to dethrone it as the best sounding car in this game, and simply because it has everything in it. If you can get one of these wonderful beauties, I would certainly love and cherish it, because it’s a worthy classic. Against the 330P4 and XJ13, its main rivals, it is the winner, through sheer driving feel. The 330P4 is certainly a very easy car to drive but feels…kinda weird to drive. The XJ13 is very very nimble but kinda has too hard of a feeling to drive. The Mark IV is very fast, and while it might be not as great through corners as an XJ13, the feel is perfect over the other two. Comparing this against the 5 classic Standards of this game, the GT40, 2D, 2J, Toyota 7 and Corvette, I’d say it wins as well.
The GT40 seems like the same thing, but it is more nimble and feels more lightweight. However it just feels a bit more…squeaky, if that’s the word. Just a bit too much more hyper-energetic, where as the Mark IV feels big, bold and strong. The 2D feels really annoying with its 3-speed gearbox and is much harder to drive well. The 2J, on the other hand, is a lot faster through corners and down straights, and is better to drive. But it’s a washing machine. A Standard washing machine at that. The Toyota 7 is very fast down straights but suffers a little in corners, and while it does look great it does get kinda boring to drive after a small while. The Corvette is a lot slower than anything else here but still feels much better than at least half the others. However, it can’t match the Mark IV’s sheer speed, strength and sound. So the choice is clear. If you want a car that’s powerful, controllable, easy, good to drive, good-looking, fun, speedy classic, the Mark IV is here for you all.

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