Gran Turismo 5: Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST ’06
Power: 226bhp
Weight: 1430kg
Price: 32,000 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 7.089 seconds
0-100: 17.257 seconds
¼ mile: 15.499 seconds
1 mile: 38.440 seconds
Max Speed: 148.3mph
Max G-Force: 0.51G
Drivetrain: FF
Possible AI in: FF Challenge, European Championship (yes…you might well think that too), GT Rally Beginner
I haven’t driven the normal Focus ST a whole lot, if I’m honest. For the most part, I have always preferred a drive in a Megane, Golf or Delta. The hot hatch world is under-represented in this game, but even so I still haven’t driven this Focus enough as I should probably.
The problem is, the new Focus ST has now arrived and is going into production soon. I do not like it to be honest. It is, supposedly, even better than the Golf GTI is today at being an all-rounder, and I do not like that. I’m sure that it is a good car, but I am not one for change at the top of this class. I’m not sure Vauxhall will be too happy either, as their GTC VXR has started being made at the same time as this and has been ousted slightly. And that isn’t too bad if I’m honest, though I would personally still want a Megane RS these days…
But whatever. Enough of real world problems. This is GT5, and the Focus we have here is the last-spec Focus ST. The previous-previous Focus-spec RS and ST170 are here too, but the previous RS seems a little meh in this game and the ST170 isn’t that perfect if I’m honest.
But what of this Focus, the Premium? Well, the orange paint is pretty wild, that we know. It is a little bit odd in some cases but not buying your Focus ST in it is kind of an injustice, if I’m honest.
But what of the actual driving? Well, it’s not too great. On the gravel anyway, it doesn’t really seem to be able to brake very well. Through the corners it can be a slight push as well, although the FF should be fine on the gravel. People have called in recent times for hot hatches to move to 4WD, and the previous Focus RS was one of these. VW adapted it to their Golf a while back but those hot hatches have never been a match for the GTI models. Or at least the V and VI weren’t anyway.
I also am not a true fan of the looks. The Focus in general only ever has looked that good in the form it first was built in, where as this particular gen of Focus looks awfully bulky. It kinda shows here, and the weight of this ST is seen to be a high 1430kg. The new Focus has a kind of mixed look set: the new ST looks very huge as well.
One thing that the Focus falls short on as well is the powerband. It is kinda odd with the turbo on it. It does take a big toll on high speed, high RPM points, as I found on the speed test at Route X. In 5th gear, once it reached the high revs, it was strangling itself trying to get to 6th, then when it did finally shift, it all of a sudden found new power and started surging straight up again. Not a particularly easy thing to live with if I’m honest.
This Focus is not really a bad drive, but you can do much better in terms of hatchbacks or even general FF cars. Something like the CR-X del sol is a good bit more soulful (no pun intended.), a Prelude is probably a lot faster, a Mirage would handle better, and the biggest hitter, the Lantis, would do the whole thing better. The Focus really is rather outnumbered here as an FF, although there isn’t exactly much wrong with buying one. Just, I’m telling you, there is better out there.

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