Gran Turismo 5: Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Hemi Quad Cab ’04
Power: 351bhp
Weight: 2350kg
Price: 37,930 Cr.
Prize: Yes (IA License Bronze)
0-60: 7.666 seconds
0-100: 18.612 seconds
¼ mile: 16.042 seconds
1 mile: 39.787 seconds
Max Speed: 133.5mph
Max G-Force: 0.54G
Drivetrain: 4WD
Possible AI in: Pick-Up Truck Challenge
The Dodge Ram debuted in GT4, where thanks to a horrifying error in said game involving its hex code placement among cars, was compared against the likes of the Honda S500, the Daihatsu Midget II and the Volkswagen Beetle ’49 in the game. My god! So much fun! :lol:
Thankfully, the Ram is back to normal now. Though ‘normal’ is the wrong word for it.
This is indeed the third heaviest car in the game, behind the Jay Leno Tank Car and Land Rover Range Stormer, and also among the top 5 of trollsome cars in this game, coming up alongside mercenaries such as the Red Bull X2010/11, the Formula Gran Turismo, the Jay Leno Tank Car and the Bugatti Veyron. Though the Ram does repeatedly get into fights with the Range Stormer on occasion. Note how I have reviewed all of these in some form sans Tank Car.
But this here is a stock Ram, with a very silly hp output for its very silly weight. But of course, it’s a truck, so yeah.
It also has 4WD. This could theoretically make it pretty good offroad, though stock it probably wouldn’t make it around the gravel. Modified it might, though!
On the road though, here in Rome, it is actually pretty decent. It gets around corners alright, though it’s not epically fast, despite the 4WD system. See, I told you 4WD works best!
Among the trucks in the game, this probably ranks about 4th out of 6 overall. The Silverado literally pastes it on the wall, unless you modify this thing up massively. The Tacoma and SVT, which are generally tied from what I see, also beat the Ram. However, there’s no doubt the Ram is a lot faster than that crapmobile convertible, the SSR. Obviously Midget II is in no doubt, though one would love to ram those again with this thing! :lol::lol::lol:
But seriously, the Ram is not that bad. It does an OK job stock, though it won’t do you too good a job in full on racing. Thankfully, you can modify it hugely, with massive power and a massive weight reduction to go with. This might par the Silverado after both of them are modded even, with the extra acceleration the Ram gets with 4WD. Down a proper straight it’ll be close, but who knows. The Tacoma and SVT should keep up easily with it too, though the SSR won’t. Of course a Midget II could beat a stock one of these in the Pick Up Truck Challenge…but you’d have to really master fast cornering, and Superspeedway Daytona will be impossible too.
So yes. This Ram is one of the 4 and a half trucks I can definitely recommend to you to try and drive. Yes it might be a bit of a joke character, but still it can be lethal. Buy it. It’ll almost certainly be in the OCD at some point in the next x weeks, but for now it’s the SSR and Silverado’s turns to be in the spotlight, at once. If the SSR could have the roof down, it’d be so much better. Though the Silverado is really :censored: fast. But why don’t PD ever give the Midget II a turn?

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