Gran Turismo 5: Clueless Tunes’ Spoon Today G Type-R

Clueless Tunes’ Spoon Today G Type-R
0-60: 9.816 seconds
0-100: 30.677 seconds
¼ mile: 17.768 seconds
1 mile: 45.232 seconds
Max Speed: 106.7mph
Max G-Force: 0.38G
Drivetrain: FF
The Honda Today is one of the slowest cars in the game normally. And it comes from the 80s, which is a bit of an embarrassment. I mean, surely the car had been developed enough to be able to make everything then at least remotely fast…right? Still, this state of affairs allowed Krenkme, our fellow Clueless Tunes friend, to take it on board and try and tune it himself. Knowing him, he’d be able to turn this into another one of his general hilarity tunes…surely?
Well, it does actually look rather serious to start with. I mean, it isn’t exactly called “Cheesy TV News Show Today”, is it? I mean, this happens to be both a Spoon and a Type R, when it wasn’t one to start with! There isn’t even a Civic or Integra you can really do that on, to be honest.
But whatever. The actual point of a tune is to drive it, to see if it is any good. So…why not do that?
Now, you’re probably thinking this will just be merely a car that is a general laugh to drive with the slowness but light weight of it all making GT5 think that it will be able to compete against high level sports cars because of the PP system and because the tuner put it on RS. But this isn’t actually on RS…it’s on Sports Hards. Which shows Krenkme clearly isn’t actually doing this for craps or giggles.
In fact, this damn thing is hardly just a car. It’s more of a compact demi-god of a car, because this does something that hardly anything that should do in this game does. Not be fast…but be just so much goddamn fun that you all love it.
The Mark I Golf GTI was renowned for being a fun little thing despite having hp in the range of the 110s. In this game, it isn’t fun to be honest. You only truly get it for the name here.
Building one of the 1998 Mini Coopers in this game to a Mini Cooper S Mk2 1275S spec does not do the trick either. In real life, it was very much like the Golf eventually became: not great because of speed, but great because of sheer fun. And rally victories, of course. But I could build one of the old Coopers to the correct spec and I probably wouldn’t have much fun there either.
This does in this game what the previous two could not in this game, or what the previous two do in real life. This thing is so, so, so, so, so much goddamn bloody frickin’ fun………………and it has 80bhp. And it isn’t turbocharged either. See what I mean???
Even though it doesn’t go like hell, the cornering just defies most belief. This is effectively a slow motion Alfa Giulia TZ2 – it handles in pretty much the same way to that, with pretty much dead perfection. Plus, the racing exhaust on the Today gives it one bloody hell of a soundtrack too.
Krenkme also made it looks pretty damn nice too. He did jack the rear ride height to not quite the minimum, but close. In fact, the settings do look a little unorthodox for a car of this level, but clearly, Krenkme knows his facts because those unorthodox looking settings clearly do a bloody ton for the amazement this car brings me, and surely should bring you.
The new wheels on it are good looking too, in what I take to be Sunlight Yellow. You can’t actually paint a Honda Today, but if you find one in Greek White, it’ll look just as alike as any Championship White you’ve ever seen on a Type R.
The Today itself is obviously slow, but because it is pretty recent compared to classics of the same speed, it really is as cheap as chips in this game. The price for one of these is a miniscule 6,700 Cr. for one of these. A full tune does cost a great deal more, but trust me when I say it’s worth it when you put this one on.
In fact, the Today was from memory, possibly the cheapest you could buy in the last game. Some might have come close, but the Today was easily the cheapest you could get then. Often, Todays in GT4 would show up for a price as little as 2,344 Cr. back then. That was cheaper than a racing exhaust even then…and it still is now. The Today still stands as the third cheapest car today, but the Midget II is now cheaper and of course there are the karts which are priced at just 5,000 Cr.
So then, how good is this tune from Krenkme? …Stupidly good, that’s how good. This defies the typical slow car expectation from a tune and actually manages to serve a real purpose: not in speed but sheer fun. As a matter of fact, the lack of speed is not going to be a downside in this case. The only slight comment is the fact that it took a full tune to get something this good, but then the AdrenaTune HKS CT230R is a tune too and look how that’s done with me.
In fact…
This might well be around Top 5, overall, for things I have driven in this game. Perhaps, with the total neutering of the FTO STC by PD…maybe top 3. Very possibly.
Obviously the CT230R will give more of a thrill especially with the extra speed, although this is very similar in properties to the Alfa Giulia TZ2 as a general favourite. It handles well while not managing to be fast. Overall, I think it’s very close between those two. There probably is something I have driven that I do know is better than this Today, but I don’t know what they are right now. But to put this Today along the lines of such wonders as these, really is saying something.
I seriously, seriously urge you to try and find any sort of Today. No matter what the colour, even though you can’t paint it. Get this tune on it, get in the thing and rejoice in its previously impossible ability in this game. Is there anything that can manage to do the same thing in any sort of form? …Who knows. Probably one of the best I have driven this year. If not, the best…there’s still 5ish months to match it though. Come on lads, what have you got?

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