Gran Turismo 5: Chaparral 2J

Well…this is one very multi-purpose vehicle. But not in the ways you might be expecting.
So then, what is this thing? Well, I know what it looks like for starters. What it looks like is the average kitchen appliance. So it’d be very useful, you would imagine. And to be honest…it is. But not as a kitchen appliance. Because what this is, in fact, is a 704bhp, 821kg weapon of possible mass destruction that can cause some of the biggest shocks in world history.
So…what is the massive ranting about the 2J then? Well, people have said it is fast – and they’re right, it is. However, it is not just fast, but it is actually damn scary to drive. You try to drive it carefully, it’s scary. If you drive it quickly, it’s scary. Do anything in between and it’s scary. This is quite possibly one of the most fitting cars I have ever seen that could work in a horror film. It looks like it could work in films like Back to the Future – which is in fact, quite what this thing is.
Despite having 704bhp and just 821kg of weight, and having a total of 647PP, this actually comes from 1970. And beats most cars from after that time as well.
The thing is, that massive fan system on the back actually generates so much aerodynamics, the game doesn’t even bother to put any aerodynamics on the car itself. This is what causes it to beat cars that have 70 more PP in B-Spec on Sports Soft – the tyre wear is affected, the speed is affected, the cornering is affected…and it manages all of this despite having just the 3 gears. Wow.
But I’m not a B-Spec driver, and I really don’t know how I can actually be faster than some LMPs in those circumstances. That’s what the 2J is: impossible. Yet despite this, it existed all the way back in 1970 and because it was so on the edge, the Can-Am series it was to compete in stopped it dead and banned its aerodynamic system. And no wonder. If this game were to hold true in the real life, this thing would still be racing among them. :lol: Would be quite weird to see a washing machine hitting the Le Mans track and giving Peugeot and Audi a run for their money.
The thing is though, this 2J is so many things it is quite literally impossible to sum up. If you’re driving it, it’s scary. If your B-Spec driver is driving it, it’s broken. If you’re looking at it, you’re thinking “What is this thing?!”. If you’re looking further into it, it’s just damn impossible, especially for 1970. This 2J is such a mindscrew it is almost impossible to rate it, give a word to describe it or to give a viable description to what it truly is. Scary, broken, strange-looking and impossible…how do you combine those four words together? I know I can’t. So I need help here. How would you describe…a 2J?

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