Gran Turismo 5: Audi R8 LMS

One of the bosses of GT3, it’s time to take an R8 LMS for a ride. Oh joy. :D
The R8 LMS is one of the faster race cars in the game, and it’s good that it is. But how can it hold out overall?
The performance of the engine, for starters, is very epic. The 546hp V10 really gives you all the power you could need for a car of its caliber and it makes the car accelerate like stink. Even 1300kg of this car won’t hold it up at all. This is probably easily capable of 6’40’s on the Ring, I’m sure.
The handling isn’t bad at all. Audi have had to ditch the 4WD in favour of the GT3 regulations, but the MR drivetrain gives it a new lease of life and gives it much more responsive steering. You never feel like losing control of the car in many situations, and I love that. It’s very powerful but a very easy beast to tame.
The Audi, like half the other cars that actually debuted in GTPSP (fact!) has unfortunately been left in the Standard crown among those. This does affect the visuals a bit obviously, but even so, the new R8 bodykit looks imposing. It looks blocky and big, which almost makes you be scared (and you would be when you find out this thing has 540hp+). The massive wing also looks deadly, albeit a bit simple.
Also the R8 sadly doesn’t get the benefit of an on board view (can you imagine that with the R8 LMS? :D). However, all of the viewing angles you get with the R8 LMS are perfectly fine otherwise. I have no complaints on this front.
The R8’s useability is an odd one. It has good power, enough to make it good for the Dream Car Championship (and against itself in the Nurburgring 4h!), but it is oddly enough eligible for the DTM race. And sure enough, it is the fastest eligible car for the event when stock. The R8 LMS is also a very good candidate for the Suzuka 1000km and the Gran Turismo World Championship. Of course, if you’re feeling nooby, it can also destroy all the German races for you, but that’s no fun. :(
The sound of the R8 LMS is a pretty good one considering the limited options you get with Standards. It’s a nice low growl with enough revs to please most people. Think of what could be if you could get the revs higher, though! :drool:
The R8 LMS, however, has one huge setback to it. The price. If you can somehow find either this or the Team Playstation version of the car in the UCD, you’ll have to fork over a sum greater than 5,000,000 Cr. In other words, more than an FGT. You could of course win the Nurburgring 4h, but that’s the Nurburgring 4h, so…yeah. Getting a hold of one of these isn’t exactly easy.
However, at the end of the day, the R8 LMS is a wonderful car that provides speed, good handling and enjoyment. But for 5,000,000 Cr.+, which means that you will have to work to enjoy this thing. But when you find it, you will love it.

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