Gran Turismo 5: Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo

OK…I’ve had it. I have had it with this car. I can now finally come to the conclusion that perhaps the worst car in GT5 is this…
The Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo.
Now you may be thinking “What?! How is this super mega really fast thing the worst car in GT5 OMG OMG OMG”. But actually, I have many, many reasons why I consider this to be the worst (or at least my least favourite) car in the game.
Firstly. Its looks. Seriously, I know PD designed the actual bodykit, but seriously…what is this?!
The front end looks like it’s been on steroids (which is essentially what this car is – on steroids) and the rear end looks like parts added on to make it look like a square. And that wing…seriously, what the :censored:?! That wing is probably the size of Japan itself!
The interior doesn’t help either. All it is is a jacked up S2000’s interior…painted in a really annoying red. And when you try to look back in that view…you see the giant wing on the back blocking your way! Ridiculous!
Secondly, I’d like to bring you onto the most annoying part of this car. The way the AI performs with it. You heard that correctly, the way the AI performs with it.
There are 3 very good examples I rest my case on. Firstly, in Arcade Mode. You’re looking for a good race by getting out a Super GT – any Super GT – and taking it to Daytona Superspeedway for a fast race. Unfortunately, the S2000 GT1 Turbo pops up and, since its top speed is higher, runs away from you laughing.
The second example is general Arcade Mode races. Say you wanna drive a Mine’s Skyline around any track – any track, so you can have a good race with other equally matched tuners. But then the S2000 GT1 Turbo pops up – twice – and, since it destroys you in every aspect, it runs away from you laughing. Well, unless you’re the Zonda R, but that’s really out of place. :lol:
The last example is in the GT Mode events it appears in. That’s the Tuning Car Championship, the Nurburging 4h and the Tsukuba 9h. If you’re looking for a fair matchup in these events, and the S2000 GT1 Turbo pops up in any of them, expect it to stalk you around the track until you make a mistake and it runs away from you laughing.
…Yeah, the AI treats the S2000 GT1 Turbo like it’s a god.
Thirdly, its stats and technology. This thing has 627hp, weighs 1120kg, has downforce, 7-speed gearbox (not adjustable from the start thankfully), and a fully customizable LSD and suspension to start. Essentially, this thing can win anything it enters in. How noobish.
Fourthly, its sound. What were Amuse thinking when they made the exhaust to the engine and what were PD thinking when they programmed in its sound? It sounds like a frog being tortured. And this thing probably could torture some frogs as well.
And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I have a tale to tell you. Which includes all different kinds of problems with this car.
I decided to somehow pluck up the courage to buy this car. It costs 250,000 Cr. Cheap, you say! Nooby, I say. Then you get to the colour selection. Who could possibly want this thing in Lime Green Metallic?! I bought mine in that colour anyway, as an insult to this car. With a gun to my head and my breath being held, I bought the car. I decided to get into it and test its engine sound. And when I did get into it, the engine sound was…
…laughable. Seriously, for a car with 600bhp+, I wouldn’t expect such a weak engine sound. What it should sound like is the end of the world. Or a frog being tortured. Either way…
I checked the settings to find a rather unusual…lack of max downforce. It would only get to 20/45, which considering its looks is far too low. I didn’t set it to the max downforce so I could test it in its completely stock form.
I decided to customize the car at GT Auto, and I painted it in a terrible Gold Metallic to represent its slag-like looks. I also bought new wheels to make it look…golder. Yep.
And so, I took it for a test on the Nurburgring GP/F circuit. At first, I tested it with the default settings that you would start the game with – TCS 5, ASM and SRF On, ABS 1 and Steering Sensitivity 0. I had heard people say that the handling on this car was very good. However, I was testing it stock (Sports Softs), so I didn’t know what to expect. And what I did get was…
…understeer. Not a whole lot, but understeer none the less. However, on some turns, when the understeer was occuring, it would suddenly start steering dramaticaly and then just stopping. It was essentially, not good handling.
After that, I went and tried it with my preferred settings, TCS 1, ABS 1, everything else off and Steering Sensitivity to 7. And then it got worse.
Instead of understeer, I got drifting, which was absolutely uncontrollable and ended with me in a wall. When I wasn’t drifting…I was still understeering. Then when I came out of the corner I got wheelspin and it drifted out of the corner. Essentially, what this made it was a ricer with ridiculous looks, ridiculous modifications, ridiculous handling and ridiculous, unnecessary amounts of power.
So, essentially I had confirmed what I had already thought of – the S2000 GT1 Turbo is the worst car in the game.
However, there was still one thing left to do…
…this. :)
Hope you enjoy playing your GT5 game, and hope you don’t enjoy using this horrid-looking frog-sounding bad-handling over-powered AI-worshipped :censored: of a car. Unless you’re the GT5 AI. In which case I hope you enjoy winning all the time against our wishes.

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