Gran Turismo 5: Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto ’66
Power: 110bhp
Weight: 960kg
Price: 35,300 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 11.028 seconds
0-100: 31.267 seconds
1/4 mile: 18.365 seconds
1 mile: 45.549 seconds
Max Speed: 123.6mph
Max G-Force: 0.42G
Drivetrain: FR
This is the Alfa Romeo type, or more specifically, the ‘old’ type. Since the ‘old’ type was discovered, there have been newer versions of the Alfa Romeo Spider, but this was the original type.
But enough of your David Attenborough getaway because this is actually a car. Not an actual spider, sorry.
And it’s an Alfa Romeo, from 1966, and if you’ve seen my stuff before, you will know I’ve got a good soft spot for these things. The Giulia series specifically. The GTA is a classic rally style Alfa that is very nippy, the Speciale is true luxury and the TZ2 is fast and handles like not much else. This though, is the Spider, which is like a Giulia with the roof cut off. Or, put back on, as it would seem here. And given a very different body, which on first impression, is simplicity at a fine level. It’s a very basic oval style shape, but it gives beauty alright.
Driving it, you might have as well noticed it isn’t particularly fast. This might be able to make up for that then by being a joy to drive…and it pretty well is. The handling isn’t perfect, presumably from much wear and tear after 5 miles of driving, this being an Alfa. But it’s far from deathly, and as a nice little bonus, you have a great mix of growling for the soundtrack.
This is very much like the XKR of the 1960s. Only not at all. It sounds far better in chase cam than anything else. But that’s about it. Mind you, they’re both pretty similar in their style and you can buy an XKR as a drop-head anyway.
This then, is one of the cars in this game that bases itself more over style than speed. If I’m honest, every Alfa pretty much does that…this is your average classic for this game. And that’s good. I like my classic cars. They’re all pretty much good. :)

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