Gran Turismo 5: Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2

Is there anything such as perfection? I find out as I take the Giulia TZ2 to Monza.
Say hello to this old timer. The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2. And it costs 10,000,000 Cr. :ouch: Or a win in the Historic Racing Car Cup. In B-Spec. :ouch: Not exactly easy. So, the Giulia is certainly a hard car to obtain. But what you get for this is Alfa Romeo’s soul, passion and love in one super lightweight package. And a good looking one at that.
Zagato’s design team really flexed their knuckles with their design style, because this thing looks great. Not entirely sure what their knuckles look like 45+ years on now, but even today this thing is a scorching stunner in terms of looks. The swooping shape of the car makes it look small but mighty. Brilliant.
The interior probably isn’t the best, but it is a classic one after all. And the number of switches which your driver has to flick to get his car into 5th gear (and his hand through the steering wheel) is excellent. Not that it’ll affect the cars performance in any way, but eh. In terms of view, it’s not too bad, even despite the low shape.
On the subject of performance, this thing has a decent deal of it. It isn’t powerful, yes, but it has very light weight, which contributes to by far and away the best thing about the TZ2 – its handling characteristics. This thing can hold any line I want to take with perfection. This car is so easy to drive that a cat could drive this thing successfully around the Nordschleife. And it has more than enough power to be probably the most player-friendly car in the whole game. Which I like very much. :D All it needs is just a little bit of extra torque and we’re there. Of course, you could fit a turbo…but why are you doing that?!
This thing also has a lovely grunty sound. Granted, I can find tons of better sounds in the game, but it still replicates its classic style extremely well. Hopefully it doesn’t scare away the cat you’re trying to use to lap the Nordschleife with, because it’s also pretty loud. Good. :D
In terms of direct competitors, the Giulia…doesn’t have much. It’s lightweight, but also underpowered and suffers on the straights compared to cars it can compete with. In fairness, it also isn’t as fast through the corners – just a lot better handling than others. An Elise would be an option, but again, that just destroys the Giulia on the straights. In terms of PP, it’s on par with WRC Rally Cars, but again, it just doesn’t have enough power to match them. Essentially, the Giulia is mostly unique in a sense, which I find great, since it’s great to drive on its own. Of course, there’s not much it can really enter in to keep races fair, but eh. It’s still great to drive, all the time.
In short, the Giulia is a brilliant car that ticks plenty of boxes. It has perfect handling, great sounding realistic engine, lovely looks, and all kinds of different things to suit everyone. The question is…can you get one?

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