Gran Turismo 5: AdrenaTune HKS CT230R

The HKS CT230R, even before Spec II, was a classic. The sound, the feel, the acceleration, it was all there. Except for one crucial thing…
Handling. Handling was always the CT230Rs weakness. Not because everything else was faster, but because the CT230R was so understeery. It was impossible to drive well, because the car was so understeery that getting it to turn properly was a suicide move really.
The solution back in the day was this. The AdrenaTune CT230R. Inspired by the HKS CT230R Tuner Shootout, which was in turn inspired by the CT230Rs bad stock form itself, the AdrenaTune CT230R beat everything else to become a truly great tune. And I proved it very well for myself – a win in the Gran Turismo All Stars against a Bentley Speed 8 on Trial Mountain has been achieved by myself prior to Spec II in this thing. Essentially, this thing could perfectly win every race in the game as a result. This thing has been put on par with the S2k Turbo easily, and all the better for it. This is what took the CT230R to my favourite car level over the Giulia TZ2, and rightfully so.
However, Spec II came along, with new physics to boot. And no one knew what would come with it.
Well, for starters, the CT230Rs understeer, when stock, is now very much fixed. The car still is not at perfection for its steering but the difference is right there for you to see. The understeer is stil noticeable at times though, although that might just be me being used to driving this thing on RS where as the stock CT230R comes on SS.
The AdrenaTune CT230R was my first drive in the whole of Spec II with new physics, at Tsukuba. However, I felt it was a lot more odd to drive, really. I drove it, and when I was going through the first corner on Tsukuba I couldn’t help but think the car was trying to do a million things at once. “Do I understeer, oversteer, stay where I wanna go? Bump, don’t bump?” It just felt very odd to me.
However, when I drove it on the Nurburgring as you see here, it was still as perfect as ever. The car still feels so smooth to drive, and with its 50/50 distribution to the wheels the car has no wheelspin at all, ever.
Of course, there is at least one drawback on the car. That being its lack of top speed, and that’s due to the still a bit odd 5-speed the car gets. The car still won’t get anywhere past 180mph with the mods, but with the acceleration you get on the car it most certainly does not feel like a 5-speed. Most cars with 6 or 7 (S2k Turbo comes to mind)-speed gears would get a lot better acceleration, but the CT230R retains short gears and its 4WD system to overrule this initial disadvantage. Add to that the now 615bhp on the car, upgraded 60hp from stock and the light 1068kg this car makes up and the CT230R is still a wonder machine.
Thing is, I still wonder if this thing might be able to be fixed for all circuits. I still notice that while it feels like a dream on the Ring, it still feels, as aforementioned, a bit odd on other circuits now. It works fine on some, but less on others. Regardless, the CT230R by AdrenaTune has been a top tune since it has been implemented on my CT230R, and I’m sure I would love to see it be given compatibility for all circuits now. No S2k Turbo comes close now.

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